July 13, 2024

phantom WWI


Kansas City has many great and interesting venues to visit and explore.  And, since I live here, I have probably visited most of them.  But now I’m going back for return visits.  Why?  Well, my new quadracopter – a DJI Phantom Vision 2+ (yes – that is a rather long name isn’t it?) is now giving me an opportunity to visit these old friends but see them from a totally different perspective.

Recently I took an aerial tour around the World War I Liberty Memorial.  Just to the north of the memorial is Kansas City’s Union Station.  The City Center of Kansas City is a bit further to the north.  The memorial is a rather imposing structure, overlooking the city.  The memorial houses a superb World War I museum as well – definitely worth a visit.

Here’s a tour flight giving various aerial view of the memorial.

Hope you enjoyed the flight.  Meanwhile,….. until next time…..

Fly Safely …… And Enjoy The Adventure!

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Flight Advisory:  RC Flight and RC Photography is a great hobby.  Always fly responsibly. Be safe and courteous.