July 18, 2024

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Summer time means biking time in Kansas City. So I’ve been doing my part – just biking in Kansas City.  So today I took a little ride.  And I’d like to tell you a story about that little ride.

It was a beautiful summer morning.  Bright sun, temperature in the low 80s, and a slight breeze. I checked the air in the tires, popped the helmet on my head, and set out to visit some new areas- just taking a bit of a tour – exploring.  After awhile on all those twisty, turny streets I must admit that I got just a wee bit turned around – you know – confused, disoriented.  In short – I was lost.

Fortunately, I travel with lots of tech.  There’s my GoPro camera, my iPhone, and – just perfect for this situation – I have my trusty Garmin GPS mounted on my handle bars.

bike 33


With my Garmin to show me the way – I had no worries.  I was in good hands.  I confidently punched the “Go Home” button and then smoothly followed the precise turn by turn directions.  I was cruisin’.   After about 45 minutes I arrived – safe and sound.  Unfortunately I did not arrive at my home.  The photo below shows where I ended up.

Garmin Headquarters


Now this is definitely not where I live – trust me.  Do you recognize the place? Here’s a clue…………

Garmin & Me


Yes – that’s me in all my biking regalia.   And yes – as it turns out my Garmin GPS unit had done exactly what I had asked.  It had gone “home.”  Unfortunately, it had taken me to it’s home – the headquarters of Garmin International which is located in Olathe Kansas – about  12 miles from my home.  Good grief – right?

So with that, I climbed aboard my bike and headed home.  At least now I had my bearings and knew where I was. And of course, it could have been worse.  Think of the ride I would have had if I lived in Kentucky, Arizona, or Australia!   Guess the experience is just another example of the truth in the old saying, “the devil is in the details.”   Next time I will tell my Garmin to take me to “MY home.”


Writer’s disclosure:  Okay.  Keep in mind that I told you at the top that this was “a story.”  You have to think of something while you are riding for two hours – sometimes I think of stories.  And although I didn’t really get “lost” – I did end up at the Garmin Headquarters and I had the notion that my little Garmin GPS unit might feel good about the opportunity to visit it’s home.  So I took a bit of the writer’s license with this one and embellished a bit. Forgive me?  


FYI – Here is my track as shown on Google Maps – Garmin is at the Southwest End of the ride. Click HERE to view.


Going “HOME” …………. Enjoy The Adventure!

Dr. B, The Photo Trekker

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