July 15, 2024


Smart Phones can be such a valuable tool for the traveler. I’ve recently upgraded to the iPhone 6 and absolutely love it.   Need to check your airline connection?  Can do.  Make a reservation for the next ferry? Got it.  How to get from your hotel to the museum? Check the map.  The possibilities are endless.

And now, the medical community is getting on board with a growing world of wonderful medically oriented apps.  Smart Phone Tele Med is already here and is quickly improving. In the not too distant future your smart phone will be able to connect you directly with your doctor, perform tests, monitor health and body function, and report results directly to your physician.  This will be great for everyone but may be especially helpful to travelers.  Even when traveling or adventuring around the world you will be able to connect with your regular physician to discuss problems, symptoms or difficulties.

This new world of medicine is already emerging.  Click on the link and watch the video below to get an idea of where all this is heading.

Simply Amazing!

Travel Healthy …….. And Enjoy The Adventure!

Dr.B, The Photo Trekker

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