July 23, 2024

Now that I have your attention ……… Let me clarify ……. Please.   Richard Branson has recently opened the first of his Virgin Hotels in Chicago (VirginHotels.com). A great place to stay, sleep, and enjoy all that Chicago has to offer.  And I am happy to announce – wait for it – their WiFi is FREE! Yes indeed.  Seems that Virgin Hotels has taken notice of people (including yours truly) who find it totally unreasonable for hotels to charge huge extra “fees” for Wifi access (Hotel WiFi Update, Hotel WiFi – What’s Up, Hotel WiFi Price War).

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 7.47.00 AM


How about that?   The Right to Faster, Free WiFi.  I love it!   All you other hotels out there – are you paying attention?

Free WiFi! ……….. Enjoy The Adventure!

Dr.B., The Photo Trekker

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