July 15, 2024


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Japan offers so much to the visitor and tourist.  Why visit Japan?  There are oh, so many reasons.  One outstanding reason to journey to Japan is the wonderful people you will meet.  Visitors to Japan will find the Japanese to be most friendly and gracious hosts, open to sharing their country and helping to make your visit most enjoyable.

Very open to having their photos taken, you may find it difficult to avoid the almost reflex-like “V” sign…….

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Clerks, service workers, chefs – everyone is very cordial and always polite and helpful.




My Chefs - smiled and laughed all night but not for this photo! / bwb-images
My Chefs – smiled and laughed all night but not for this photo! / bwb-images

(And yes, my sushi chefs were a riot, laughing and joking with me all evening – that is until this photo – then they were definitely “all business.”)




By the way, not everyone dresses in traditional attire.  But many do on special days, for special events, or to visit special locations.



























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Traditional Kimono Dress / bwb-images
Traditional Kimono Dress / bwb-images


If you have traveled to Japan you already know how welcome you will feel.  If you have never been to Japan – well, you definitely have something to look forward to.

For more, up-to-date travel information about Japan visit: The Japanese National Tourism Organization or  the Official Tourism Guide for Japan. You can also get great info on their Facebook Page – VISIT JAPAN.  Also, check back here again (or even better, subscribe) – I will be sharing more Reasons To Visit Japan along with photos in the future.


Visit Japan ……….. AND ENJOY THE JOURNEY!


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