July 13, 2024
Recent Friends cast reunion – photo by “today.com”

OK, I admit it – I was (am?) a fan of the classic television series “Friends.”  The cast recently got together for a Friends Reunion. (Read about it HERE ) A blissful moment – things were right with the world once again.

The event got me to thinking about reunions and how they apply to travel experiences.  How do these reunion things really work out?

Think back. Call to mind one of those previous wonderful experiences you’ve had while traveling.  Perhaps it was a visit to a special place. A sunset moment at the Taj Mahal.  Sunrise at Machu Picchu.  Maybe it was a more personal experience. Perhaps a encounter with another traveler which led to a friendship, travel relationship, or even a “travel friends with benefits” relationship.  Many things can lead to the success of a journey and leave you with a head and heart full of exceptional memories.

Machu Picchu Peru / www.bb-images.net
Machu Picchu Peru / www.bb-images.net


But then there is the question.  Can these be recaptured? Can you really in some way experience once again the magic of a previous journey? Will your second visit to India fill you with the same sense of awe as your first? Obviously you can’t have a “first time thrill experience” when you make a return visit. But can the re-visit offer qualities that equal those of the first? Or will it pale by comparison? The same applies to that follow up relationship experience. If you attempt to reconnect with that chance encounter special someone – will it work? Can you have your own Friends Reunion?  Can you really go back again?

I’ve talked with many travelers about this interesting question.  It seems that almost everyone has a slightly different answer.   A few say “yes – absolutely” and head out with hopeful optimism to repeat the joys of the past.  Others say “no – don’t be delusional,” feeling it is impossible to repeat previous joys – anticipating sure disappointment to even try.  And then there is a rather large group who simply sidestep the question.  I personally think these are the politicians in the group.  They respond that there are just too many places and things to see and do.  Rather than return and repeat a previous journey or experience they look to something new and don’t trouble themselves with the possibility of recapturing the past.

I think there are likely lots of factors which feed into how one feels about this question.  Some depend on qualities of  personality such as your willingness to take risk and your desire for comfort versus your willingness to experience anxiety.  Some factors are situational such as your financial resources.  The possibilities are really endless. There is obviously no “right” answer. Can we go back again? We each need to be true to ourselves. We must look into our own “traveler’s heart” and come to our own conclusion.


Feel free to comment.  Love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this one.


Travel Wisely ……………..      And Enjoy the Adventure!


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