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OK Basketball fans – lace up your shoes – it’s time to Travel!

Basketball fans tend to watch the calendar.  They know that February is winding down and March is on the horizon.  What does that mean?  Why that means that the NCAA 2016 Basketball Tournament is just about here.  For many, basketball is what gets them through the winter months and the tournament is the final crowning moment of the basketball season. So it’s time to make plans to follow your teams and cheer them on. Time to get your NCAA 2016 Basketball Tournament Tickets.

Timeline for this year’s tournament events –

Consult the table below to make your travel plans.  

March 13, 2016  – The NCAA  2016 Basketball Tournament starts on March 13th with “Selection Sunday” when the top 68 teams chosen for the tournament are announced.

March 15 & 16 –  The four teams with the  lowest ranking have games to “play in ” to advance to following rounds.

March 17,18,19 & 20 – First and Second Rounds will be played in Providence, Rhode Island / Des Moines, Iowa / Raleigh, North Carolina / Denver, Colorado / Brooklyn, New York / St.Louis, Missouri / Oklahoma City, Oklahoma / and Spokane, Washington.

March 24 & 26 – The West Regional will be played in Anaheim, California and the South Regional will be played in Louisville, Kentucky.

March 25 & 27 – The Midwest Regional will be played in Chicago, Illinois and the East Regional will be played in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

April 2 – The tournament semi-finals will be played in Houston, Texas

April 4 – The NCAA Tournament finals will be played in Houston, Texas.


NCAA Championship Trophy - part of the KU Collection
NCAA Championship Trophy – part of the KU Collection


How To Get Tickets –

NCAA 2016 Basketball Tournament Tickets will not be easy to obtain.  If you are a student at one of the participating schools you have an inside track.  Check with the office of athletics at your school to get ticket information.

If you are a major donor at your alma mater or your favorite university, well then you also might have an inside track to some fine tickets for the tournament.  Your school’s athletic department will likely contact you directly – but just in case, call them up and see what they have to offer.

What about the rest of us – the non-student and non-major donor basketball fans?  How do we get tickets?  Time to start thinking about that now.  The best bet to get tickets in advance is to contact the NCAA directly. Click HERE to connect directly to the NCAA ticket site.  Tickets are currently available – for a price of course.

Other 0n-line ticket outlets will also be handling tournament tickets.  Contact your favorite outlet to see what they have available. I checked today at StubHub where they were showing tickets to the finals for around $200 to $300.  These prices will obviously change.

As a last resort you can always just show up. Go the the game venue and try to pick up some tickets from fans who have “extras” to sell.  Beware. This type of ticket selling is legal in some locations and not in others.

If all else fails, the games will be on television.  And in many ways that’s not a bad option.  The ticket price is right, the seats are comfortable, the view is good and you get instant replay.  And to top it off – the beer is cheap!

Get Some Tickets ……………….. And Enjoy The Adventure!

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