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What Happens In Vegas ……?

Are You Feeling Lucky? / bwb-images
Are You Feeling Lucky? / bwb-images


There’s this saying, perhaps you’ve heard it – “What Happens in Vegas – Stays in Vegas!” Well, I’m no expert on Vegas so I can’t say whether or not that saying is true. But I can report one thing that is happening in Vegas and it’s happening soon.

The International Travel Goods Association is holding it’s annual Travel Goods Show for 2016 in Las Vegas from March 8th through 10th. The Las Vegas Convention Center will be bursting with displays of the latest and greatest travel products. This year the event promises great things with over 300 companies from around the world exhibiting their newest offerings.

I’ve had a sneak peak at some of the items that will be shown this year. Here are just a few of the travel goods that grabbed my attention. I will definitely be checking these out.

DIGIPAS USA – This company will be showing the eGeeTouch Smart NFC-Bluetooth Luggage Lock. I love travel tech and this lock, TSA approved, which responds to bluetooth from your smartphone, sounds very interesting.

CRAGHOPPERS They are displaying a new hot-climate Adventure Jacket which employs Insect Shield and mesh lining for moisture management. I like all the external pockets which just might be perfect for all those photo gadgets I carry.

Alllett This year they are introducing the RFID Sport Wallet, A leather wallet for the minimalist, it is small and thin but will hold up to 10 credit cards and cash while protecting the cards from identity theft.

Several companies including Bullrest Travel Pillow, Cabeau, and Go Travel will be showing their latest versions of travel or neck pillows. These are the pillows that are supposed to help you sleep better back in the economy section of the aircraft (which is where I sit by the way). I’m eager to see what these items do. Frankly, I’ve yet to find one that worked well enough to earn a place in my space limited baggage. Maybe this year?

So – What Happens In Vegas? From October 8th thru 10th it’s the 2016 Travel Goods Show.  What stays in Vegas?   Well that’s an entirely different question isn’t it?

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