July 15, 2024

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Anti-Theft Classic Plus Tour Bag by Travelon


When traveling on various assignments as well as personal journeys, I’ve used a small shoulder bag to carry my various “essentials”.  Over time this bag has gotten lots of wear to say the least.  It has been repaired and mended on numerous occasions.  It has served me well, but recently I’ve had to face the reality that it was time to replace my old friend.

Recently, while attending the International Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas I visited with representatives from  a number of travel luggage and bag companies.  It was a great opportunity to explore options for replacing my old shoulder bag.  After considerable exploration, I think I found a winner – a bag that will meet all my travel needs.

The Anit-Theft Classic Plus Tour Bag is the shoulder bag which seems to be the best bag for my travel needs. It is produced by Travelon, a company that produces not only a wide range of bags and luggage but also a large variety of travel accessories.  The Classic Plus Tour Bag comes in two colors – Olive and Black.  The nylon construction with leather accent trim is strong yet has a stylish appearance.  It’s the right size for me at 10.5 x 9 x 3 – not too large while big enough to carry my stuff and will fit inside my full sized backpack when necessary.  And it has a sturdy adjustable shoulder strap with a non-slip shoulder pad which is a nice touch.

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RFID protected pocket for passports, credit cards, etc.

The bag has one large main compartment which is complimented by a vast variety of additional pockets and pouches, some of which are fleece lined for protection against scratching ( think iPad ) while others have RFID blocking features for security of the technical type. There are also external pockets on each side which can hold a water bottle, a camera strobe, or an umbrella, etc.  If not used, they can be zipped closed keeping the bag more compact.  The bag is really well thought out and designed.  It even has a small LED light tethered inside to help you see items which have wandered to the bottom of the bag.

When I travel I tend to load my shoulder bag with various items, depending not only upon the nature of the trip and the destination, but also depending on the stage of the journey.  To test out the Classic Plus Tour Bag I loaded it up with the items I typically pack for the initial stage of the trip – the flight.  Everyone packs differently of course – here’s a look at the items I pack for access during those long flights.

shoulder bag gear

Yes, that’s quite a bit of stuff isn’t it?   In case you are wondering, here’s what is included. From top – left to right: Black Anker Battery for recharging iPhone/Pad, lightning cable and plug for iPhone/Ipad, flexible tripod for camera / iPhone, iPhone clamp for tripod, black case containing Sennheiser noise canceling headphones & extra batteries, Lumix pocket camera, note pad.  Bottom – left to right; black “dead cat” wind block for audio recorder, lapel mic for audio recording, pocket audio recorder, anti-bacterial wipes, small mixed med bottle, kleenex, iPad in Zagg Keyboard Case, passport, eyeshades (earplugs inside) pen.

All of this gear fits well into the Tour Bag.  It’s pretty full, but it works. Even so, there is still  room in unused pockets and slots for additional  flat materials such boarding passes, credit cards,travel notes, and of course my always trusty iPhone.

At this point I’m really pleased and excited about this bag.  Of course, the real test will come when I next hit the road and see how it does in “real life.” That will be in May when I will be will be in Spain.  But I’m pretty confident it is  a winner.

This item is available currently thru AMAZON.  Use the link below to order or get info. As always, ordering via links provided helps support this site at no increase in price to you.

(Full Disclosure:  While Travelon  provided this bag for testing, as always, the opinions and comments offered are mine alone.)


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