July 18, 2024

Travel Bug Bites Again!

Journey to Spain

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Yes, I’ve been bitten.  The Travel Bug got me – again.  I spent the month of December traveling throughout, writing about , and photographing the awesome country of Myanmar. Now, only four months later, I find that the Travel Bug got to me again.  Spring in Kansas City is wonderful – truly.  But for some reason I started wondering about Spring Time In Spain.  And that, as they say, is all it took.  I had to see it, taste it, experience it.

In May I’m off to Spain.  Never been there before and it sounds wonderful.   Spain is a large country, so rather than trying to see everything briefly I’ll be taking a southern route – journeying through only a portion of Spain but being able to savor it more fully.


The Journey to Spain starts in Madrid then moves south by train through Cordoba and Seville. Beyond that it’s time for a Spanish Road-trip heading down through Ronda to Marbella.  Marbella serves as a base for a change of pace, briefly venturing out of Spain with side trips to Gibraltar and Tangier. After that a nice scenic drive along the southern coast of Spain leads to Valencia and ends up in Barcelona.

My travels through Spain will allow me the opportunity to test drive a variety of new gear I discovered while covering the International Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas last month.  Recently I did a preliminary review of my new day bag for travel by Travelon. I’m also looking forward to testing out other new travel devices, clothing, and accessories including a new photo vest provided by CRAGGHOPPERS. It looks great – lots of pockets and light weight.

Along the way I’ll probably take a few photos (there’s a joke in there someplace if you know my photography)  write a few articles and reviews about places, hotels, and restaurants here on Travel And Photo Today.com, and share my wanderings via Facebook and Twitter.  So if you are interested tune in –

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Journey To Spain …………………. Enjoy The Adventure!


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