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Bagan Breakfast Dawn
Sunrise in Bagan


Living in the midwest of the United States as I do,  the Kansas City area to be more exact, many of my friends and acquaintances wonder about my fascination with Southeast Asia and especially my recent Journey to Myanmar.  One question seems to always arise – “What do you eat?”  And they do have a point.  As you might guess, there are few Burmese restaurants in my area to say the least.

I must admit, I am not exactly the world’s most adventurous when it comes to culinary explorations.   And I am not a traveler who eagerly seeks out exotic local cuisine while traveling.  Indeed, I am more of the “eat to survive” type of traveler than the “travel to eat” type.  Different strokes for different folks I guess.  As you can imagine,  I tend to take a lot of flak for frequenting McDonald’s on my journeys.  I know – I know.  How bad is that?  But really – I’ve sampled and enjoyed McDonald’s meals in some very interesting locations ( e.g. Paris, Rome, Athens, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing) and each had it’s own special qualities.   I make no apologies.  But I digress a bit.

When traveling, my primary focus is photography (OK – yes, I did write that). So when traveling, food is not high on my list of priorities.  This being the case, I tend to do my best to “load up” on breakfast.  Fortunately, when traveling I find that most hotels, hostels, and inns include breakfast as part of the stay.  And even better, breakfast is frequently presented buffet style, offering a wide variety of items to send the traveler off for an active day. In Southeast Asia, breakfast is a meal that it seems you can always count on.  Try some different Asian offering or go for something tried and true.


Bagan Breakfast 6

In Bagan I stayed at the Innwa Motel.  Now this is not your luxury resort type of place.  Beware – there is no pool.  But it’s a fine hotel offering good accommodations in the heart of Old Bagan at very reasonable prices.  They do offer free WiFi (how can we live without that today?) as well as cable TV.  It is a great place to stay. And it serves a really good breakfast.


Bagan Breakfast 4

Breakfast is served on the rooftop terrace.  A good place to dine and also meet some of your fellow travelers.


Bagan Breakfast 5

During the day you can watch traffic along the main street from the terrace.  You can also hang your laundry up here to dry while you take a bit of sun and read a book.


Bagan Breakfast 2

Breakfast is served buffet style.  Lots of good eats.  A mix of Asian and Continental items.  They’ll prepare omelets just as you like them.


Bagan Breakfast 1

Start with some juice, a bit of fruit and coffee.  Can’t start my day with my coffee!


Bagan Breakfast 3

After the health food portion of the meal I usually had a fine omelette before diving into some noodles and veggies along with croissants and mini pancakes.  And then there were also french fries!   I have to say – any place that serves french fries for breakfast automatically gets my ‘two thumbs up’ seal of approval.

After a great and satisfying Breakfast in Bagan, you will be ready for a day of temple climbing, market explorations, and maybe even a Traditional Myanmar Massage (which is a  story unto itself!)


Breakfast in Bagan ……………..  And Enjoy The Adventure!

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