July 23, 2024


Buddha base thumb


What is the old saying?  Something like, “one door closes – another opens?”

I heard today, while traveling through Spain, that my most good friend Tim had passed away.  A sad piece of information for me, and of course more so for his family. It will take some time to process this loss to be sure. But it did serve to remind that all things have their season – and that includes you,  and that includes me.  Our time is measured. And how that time  is used is our choice, and ours alone.

The challenge is to use our time wisely. Not an easy task.  So often we get bogged down in the itty bitty minutiae that make up our days.  It is oh so easy to get distracted from what really matters, from what really counts.  With effort and practice however, the skill of clear focus can be improved.

In his own way, my friend Tim understood these things.  The greeting on his telephone answering system always ended with “Make Today Count.”  I believe Tim did always strive to “make today count” – in his work, with his family, and with his relationships – and that will serve as an inspiration to me as I move forward from here.

A door opening speaks of potential, of what might be.  A bit anxiety provoking, but generally happy and hopeful.  But speak of a door closing and other thoughts jump to mind.  Thoughts of sadness and loss.  Somehow we resist the idea that doors must close – even though we know that it is so.

A door closing on a life of missed opportunities and mindless actions is perhaps sad in it’s way.  But a door closing on a life well lived? Well, yes – I am saddened that my friend has passed.  But I will do my best to celebrate his life well lived.