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Visiting Sevilla, Spain?   Here’s a delightful place to kick back, relax and soak up some great Spanish culture – along with a bit of food or drink as well.


Sevilla Plaza Espana 6


The Plaza de Espana in Sevilla, Spain was constructed in 1929 for the Ibero-American Exhibition.  It’s quite an impressive structure and a delightful area to visit and explore. The large and open central plaza with circular fountain is embraced by the large semi- circular structure with a main building at the mid point and two dynamic towers anchoring the ends.

Sevilla Plaza Espana 7


Sevilla Plazza Espana 9


Sevilla Plaza Espana 1

The plaza area itself is separated from the building by a canal which is traversed at several points by arched bridges.



Sevilla Plaza Espana 2


sevilla Plaza Espana 5


A wide and shaded walkway runs the entire length / circumference of the semicircular building and is dominated by colonnaded archways which look out onto the plaza.  The building and the walkway are really quite imposing.  If they look a bit familiar, perhaps it’s because they have been used as settings in various films including Star Wars – Attack of the Clones and Lawrence of Arabia.



Sevilla Plaza Espana 4



Sevilla Plaza Espana 3


Sevilla is a charming city with many famous and noteworthy locations to visit.  The Giralda Tower, The Cathedral, and The Alcazar Palace are prime tourists destinations.  But don’t leave the Plaza de Espana off your list if you are planning a trip to Sevilla.  It’s a great and scenic place to wander and stroll.  Maybe bring a sandwich and a soda and enjoy a bit of a picnic.


Plaza de Espana ………………… Enjoy The Adventure! 


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