July 15, 2024

Great Barcelona Burger Shop


Barcelona Burger Entrance
Front entrance to FOC i OLI in Barcelona.

When you visit Barcelona, Spain you will of course visit “Everything Gaudi”, you will stroll the Ramblas, and you will certainly feast on tapas and paella.  But if you get a craving for a really good burger, a Barcelona Burger, – I found just the place to satisfy that need.

FOC i OLI is a really tiny shop located in central Barcelona.  And when I say tiny, well – I mean tiny.  Seating in the front is on stools at vary narrow counters along the front window and side wall.  There are also a few tables to the rear.

Barcelona burger hat

I got there early, before they opened actually, and snagged a seat at the window. Great view and great beer.  ( Off topic point of interest.  If you want to meet people when traveling, wear some recognizable clothing.  Can’t tell you how many people talked to me and commented on my Kansas City Royals hat.  It was a bit odd walking down the Ramblas and hearing people shout out “Go Royals”.   Seems lots of folks from KC visit Spain.)

Brcelona Burgert chairs

FOC i OLI  is very popular.  Above is a view of the counter area when I arrived.

Barcelona Burger customers

Five minutes later the place was full. Regardless of seats however, everyone clearly enjoyed their lunch.

Barcelona Burgers Menu

FOC i OLI is a tiny place with a tiny menu to match.  They do sandwiches and they do them well.  They are known for their burgers.  I went with the “Especial Blau” – a 100% beef burger with blue cheese, carmelized onions, mushrooms, and rucola.  In a word – “Magnifico!”

Barcelona Burger

If you are in Barcelona and that Burger Bug bites you – head on over to FOC i OLI.  You will be glad you did.

Barcelona Burgers …………… Enjoy The Adventure!


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