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la mas Bonita-web
La Mas Bonita – Valencia, Spain (photo – La Mas Bonita website)


My mother always told me that breakfast was the most important meal of the day.  What? Your mom said that too?  Well, if you travel much you know that a good breakfast can make all the difference.  Eat a great breakfast and you have the energy for the adventures that lie ahead.  A bad breakfast – or skip it completely – and you may find yourself struggling.

Sometimes it’s easy to find a good breakfast while you are on the road.  If you are lucky, your hotel may include a great breakfast as part of the tariff ( for example you can read a related article “Breakfast in Bagan“).  But if your hotel offers no breakfast, or if you are staying in a short term apartment rental or an Air BnB, then you will have to venture out and discover your own breakfast  But I recommend you do so – it’s worth the effort and your day will go much more smoothly.   You can take my mom’s word for that.

While traveling through Spain I discovered a great place for breakfast in Valencia.  Okay, to be completely honest it was recommended to me by a local.  It turned out to be a great place.  Never hurts to ask for recommendations folks.

La Mas Bonita Pataconia (actually there are two restaurants by the  name La Mas Bonita in Valencia –  the other is La Mas Bonita Ruzafa) is located on the beach which is a wonderful location for a nice liesurely breakfast.

Start out with some nice juice and a coffee ……………….

Valencia Breakfast coffee



Then maybe a nice bowl of fresh fruit………

Valencia Breakfast fruit 

And then the piece de resistance – for me at least – a fine hearty breakfast including eggs, potatoes, pancakes and bacon.  This fine breakfast is know as the “Pataconia Beach” on the La Mas Bonita menu.   Excellent if I do say so myself.


Valencia Breakfast main


La Mas Bonita has three dining areas from which you can choose.  They have inside seating and a very nice interior open air courtyard in the rear.  Out front there is nation dining with a view

Valencia Breakfast Patio


 Now isn’t this a nice breakfast view?  Palm trees, blue skies, beach – it really doesn’t get much better than this.

Valencia Breakfast view 

After breakfast a bit of exercise might be in order.  How about a nice walk along that gorgeous beach?   Perfect!

Valencia Breakfast Stroll 

Breakfast in Valencia ………………… Enjoy The Adventure!

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