July 13, 2024

Kansas City Streetcar

Union Station 2
KC Streetcar – To the south the route ends at Union Station and The Liberty Memorial



Kansas City has been waiting for for years for a street car.  Yesterday I only had to wait for ten minutes.  Yes – Kansas City finally has it’s street car system.  Well, perhaps calling it a system is a bit of an overstatement.  The Kansas City street car “system” only has one route.  And, truth be told, it is a short route, running about 2.2 miles through the heart of Kansas City.  Still, it’s a beginning.  And the streetcars provide a very nice ride.  The plan (hope?) is that the system will eventually be expanded.  That would seem to obviously be a good idea.  Simply extending the current route another 3.4 miles to the south, providing a connection to The Country Club Plaza which is one of Kansas City’s preeminent tourist, restaurant, shopping and entertainment districts would just make a whole lot of sense.  Can’t believe they didn’t do this from the beginning.

Kansas City Streetcar Video



KC Streetcar
KC Streetcar – Driver’s View

At present the Kansas City Streetcar runs from the Union Station / Liberty Memorial area on the south and continues northward along main street running near The Power & Light (Entertainment) District and the Sprint Event Center, past the Kansas City Library and then looping around the River Market area before returning northward.


KC Streetcar interior
KC Streetcar – Interior – Lots of happy passengers.

I am happy to report that Kansas City did get one thing right with their streetcar – the price.  The ride is free! (Regular readers will recall that “free” is one of my favorite words.)  The ride is smooth if a bit slower than might be anticipated.  And so far it is really popular with locals and travelers alike.  The streetcars also have some other nice features.  Sprint provides free wi-fi service to passengers.  And cyclists will find that the streetcars are bike friendly.   You can bring your bike on-board.  Very nice.


River Market Sign
KC Streetcar – The streetcar loops the Kanas City River Market area at the north end of the route.


Visit KC / Ride The Streetcar ……………… And Enjoy The Adventure!


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