July 19, 2024

During my wanderings throughout SE Asia I met many wonderful people.  All open and caring and sharing.  Below are photos of a few of the lovely ladies, young and old, I met on my journey.


Vietnam woman x

Lady with a lovely smiling face – Vietnam Mekon Delta area


Cambodian Girl x Girl in Pink – Cambodian Countryside


Thai lady 1 x

Elderly Hmong Textile Artist – Northern Thailand


Cambodian Silk Island Bike Girl x

Girl With Red Bike – Silk Island, Cambodia



N Thai Tribal Lady x

Akha Hill Tribe Woman and Headress – Northern Thailand


Kayaw Karen Thai Girl x

Kayah Karen Girl – Northern Thailand


N Thai Tribal Woman x

Hmong Tribal Woman – Northern Thailand


Karen girl x

Karen Tribe Girl – Northern Thailand


Thai Lady x

Thai Farm Worker



Brand Balloon 2  






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