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nikon slr
Nikon DSLRs – image by Nikon


Whether you are photographing in your own back yard, or traveling around the world to capture images, it’s important to have the right gear. You have the right camera? Check.   You have the right lenses? Check. Do you have the right camera strap?  What?  The right camera strap? Yes – it’s important to have the right camera strap.

But, you might ask,  my camera came with a nice camera strap – why not use that? you’re not the first person to ask that question.  And if you look around, you will see lots of folks stalking photos while wearing that bright Nikon or Canon strap. Well, you can use that strap if you want. It is basic and will hang the camera around your neck.  But let me tell you about that strap. It only does one job really well. It provides free advertising to the camera company. You know – it has NIKON or CANON or WHATEVER COMPANY emblazoned on it in large colorful print. The company loves to have you do their advertising for them. And, I might add, potential thieves love to know what kind of camera gear you have with you. But is this what you want your camera strap to do? Probably not.

A good quality camera strap can help you in two important ways.  1) It can help you carry a heavy camera / lens combo in a more comfortable manner. 2) The right camera strap makes it much easier to manipulate and use your camera and to access any other gear you might be carrying as well.


Camera strap 4
Blackrapid RS Sport Strap – image by Amazon

I have been using the RS Sport Strap by Blackrapid for several years.   I love it. It does a great job of handling the three primary functions of a quality camera strap.


1) A good camera strap can help you carry a heavy camera / lens combo in a more comfortable manner.

Today’s serious DSLR camera bodies tend to be rather large.  They are built to “take a licking and keep on ticking” as they say.  They are solid and can take the bumps and dings of frequent use often encountered in travel photography.  But that solid build comes at a price.  DSLRs tend to be a bit heavy.  My Nikon D800 weighs in at approximately 2 pounds, 3.3 sources (@ 1000 g) and that is for the body only.  Put on a nice travel / walkabout lens such as the Nikon 28-300mm (see related review HERE ) and you add another 28.2 ounces bringing the total to almost 4 pounds.  If you are going to use a higher quality telephoto such as the Nikon 70-200mm, well that lens weighs in at 3.2 pounds bringing that body / lens combo total to over 5 pounds.  Even if you are not carrying any other gear, a 5 pound camera load begins to wear on you as you use it over the course of a day of travel.

The RS – Sport Strap is well designed with a wide shoulder pad to distribute the weight load.  The cross-body design further distributes the weight more evenly across the body. Unlike more traditional camera straps which pull the neck uncomfortably forward or one shoulder downward, the Sport Strap maintains balance and good posture which leads to much more comfort for a long shooting day.


2) The right camera strap makes it much easier to manipulate and use your camera and to access any other gear you might be carrying as well.

A travel photographer needs his or her camera easily and quickly available to catch a shot.  The camera needs to be easily accessible.  On the flip side, when not shooting, a travel photographer wants the camera to be out of the way so it doesn’t interfere with other activities. The camera should be in a position where it will be somewhat protected and will not be hanging and banging around as the photographer moves from place to place and it should be easily repositioned according to the moment.




With the  RS-Sport Strap, the camera is attached to the strap with a metal loop system which allows the camera to easily slide along the strap.  In a typical “carry” position the camera rides at the hip, (or even around in the small of the back if preferred which offers more protection for camera and lens) , out of the way as the photographer moves.


Blackrapid in hip carry position – image by Blackrapid



camera rs7_onbike
Blackrapid with camera in back carry position – image by Blackrapid


When the photographer is ready to capture images the camera simply slides up the strap into a comfortable shooting position.


blackrapid strap 7
Blackrapid shooting position – image by Blackrapid

Blackrapid makes a variety of camera straps depending on your shooting needs. For my travel photography I find the RS-Sport Strap is a great solution. It’s available through Amazon.



Great Travel Gear Lets You ………………Enjoy The Adventure!


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