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Friendly Staff at the Eden Cafe – Battambang, Cambodia


Travel in Cambodia is an awesome experience.  Temples, villages, temples, museums, temples, Tuk Tuk rides.   Did I mention temples?  But before – or after – a full day of exploring all that Cambodia has to offer ( maybe visit some temples?) you just might feel the need to fuel up and have a good meal.  Sometimes you might want some Cambodian food and that, of course is easy to find.  But on occasion you just might prefer some western food. When you visit Battambang, Cambodia – about 78 km southwest of Siem Reap – here are three of my favorite food spots for some great western eats.



Eden Cafe Interior / image by Eden Cafe
Eden Cafe Interior/ Battambang, Cambodia / image by Eden Cafe

Breakfast in Eden – If you are looking for some really good western food then Eden Cafe is a  great way to start your travel day in Battambang, Cambodia.  This comfortable and friendly cafe is located on the the river walk along the western bank of the Sangker River. It’s the kind of place where you immediately feel at home, even if you are really a stranger in a strange land.  Seating includes a small bar/counter area, couches, tables, and comfortable chairs with side tables.  They serve a variety of  great breakfasts at very reasonable prices.  On my first visit I went for The Hungry Man – 4eggs with all types of extras if you want (onions, mushrooms, tomato, sausage, cheese to name a few), toast, bacon, and potatoes.  Rather filling I must admit.  On my next visit I went with something a bit more healthy and ordered their outstanding fruit plate.

Bat Fruit Bkfst
Breakfast Fruit Plate – Cafe Eden – Battambang, Cambodia

 Eden Cafe actually offers meals throughout the day.  I never got back to the cafe later in the day but their lunch and dinner menus look outstanding.  If breakfast is any indication I would say Eden Cafe is a winner any time of day.

I really appreciated the easy going, relaxed atmosphere of Eden Cafe as well as the wonderful food.  It’s a great place to hang out for awhile, catch up on your email or social media activities (yes, they have wi-fi), maybe write a travel article?  I never felt rushed.  The staff is friendly and helpful.  And by the way, they also have a small Boutique service which serves as an outlet for goods produced by local Cambodian organizations.




Bat Pizza 1
La Casa Battambang – Italian Food in Battambang – image by La Casa
Bat [ozza 2
Casual Italian Dining – image by La Casa

Eventually, as you travel through Southeast Asia you may find yourself tiring of eating rice and noodles.  If that happens while you are in Battambang, and if you enjoy Italian food,  you are in luck. La Casa Battambang offers some great Italian fare. Salads, Pizzas and Pastas served in friendly, casual surrounds.  Dine inside or at street-side tables.

Bat Spaghetti

I chose to dine al fresco.  The spaghetti and meatballs accompanied by an icy cold Cambodian beer were excellent.



Gloria Jean’s Coffee

Bat Gloria ext 2
Gloria Jean’s Coffee – Battambang, Cambodia – image by Gloria Jean’s


 Looking for a break from temples, travel, and touring?  Yes, Gloria Jean’s is definitely western but it offers a nice time out to the weary traveler.  Gloria Jean’s in Battambang is bright, clean and offers a variety of drinks and snacks.  And it has great air-conditioning which is a huge relief from the Cambodian heat and humidity.

Bat Gloria int 2png
Gloria Jean’s Interior – Battambang, Cambodia – image by Gloria Jean’s


Gloria Jean’s has a nice casual, relaxed vibe.  It’s the kind of place you can linger over a drink and snack while you socialize or plan the next step of your Cambodian Adventure.

Bat Gloria smoothie

When i stopped in I was hot and tired after photographing and exploring Wat Kandal and Wat Pacha just across the Sangker River to the east.  I opted for the strawberry smoothie which was a wonderful cooling experience.  And you may note, I always try to color coordinate my drinks and my hats.


Eat Well ………….And Enjoy The Adventure!


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