July 23, 2024


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Here we go again! Yes indeed, sports fans. It’s that time of year. It’s March and that means it’s time for the NCAA Basketball Tournament. And once again, The University of Kansas Jayhawks are ready for action. After winning the Big !2 Conference Championship – for the 13th consecutive year I might add – they have been installed as #3 overall seed in this years NCAA Tournament.  This is KU’s 28th consecutive appearance in the tournament,  a new record for the March Classic which invites the top 64 teams in the nation to a single elimination schedule starting March 16 in various cities around the country. The final championship game is in Phoenix, Arizona on April 3rd.


NCAA Championship Trophy - part of the KU Collection
NCAA Championship Trophy – part of the KU Collection

The University of Kansas has a great basketball history. After all, the game essentially started at KU (click here.) The Jayhawks have won multiple National Championships but it has been awhile.  They last won the National Championship tournament in 2008. I remember that game well.  I was in Israel at the time of the final championship game and I watched the Jayhawks clinch victory as the sun was rising over The Galilee.  A special moment in many ways.

KU has played well in the yearly tournament since 2008 but never well enough to win it all.  Perhaps this year will be different. Will this be the year they hang another Championship Banner in Allen Field House?

ku phog

Time will tell. As a die hard KU fan I have decided to do my best to be of assistance.   I was out of the country in 2008 when they won (Israel), so in honor of tradition and superstition I have arranged to be our of the country this year (Cuba) on the date of the final championship game.  Maybe that is the key?  I’ll do my best to watch from Cuba but I’m not sure if I will be able to get the game.

(As a personal aside I should mention that I “have 2 dogs in this hunt.”  I’m a KU fan, having completed my doctoral training at The University of Kansas. ***** Note the hot air balloon logo below *****  But I am also a Michigan State fan, having completed my undergraduate education at Michigan State University.  It’s interesting, therefore, to me at least that in this year’s bracket, KU and Michigan State are placed in the same region. In fact, if both Michigan State and KU win their first games, they will play each other in their second game of the tournament.  Now that will be fun – but who to cheer for?)

Rock Chalk Jay Hawk! ………………….. Enjoy The Adventure!


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