July 15, 2024


A Visual Stroll

Pearl Sign

 Boulder, Colorado, elevation 5430 feet and population @ 105,000, about 30 miles northwest of Denver,  is a growing trendy community on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains.  Home to The University of Colorado and also an expanding Google operation, there’s lots to love about Boulder.  It’s an active community with wonderful biking opportunities including paved trails, bike friendly streets, and off road mountain biking for the truly adventurous.  Hiking opportunities abound and of course there is loads of skiing in the winter season.

Pearl Street lies at the heart of Boulder and serves as an interesting and quirky hub of the central downtown district.  Full of trendy bars and restaurants,  retail shops of all sorts and always a gaggle of assorted street performers  –  there’s lots to see and do on Pearl Street.

Join me for a Visual  Walk Down Pearl Street


Welcome to  Pearl Street – Boulder, Colorado

Pearl Juggler

In the distance, atop a ladder, a juggler entertains the crowd


Peal Falafel

Lots of food – Falafel anyone?


Pearl Psychic

What can I say?  Anyone want to channel Elvis?


Pearl tea house

After Elvis, perhaps it’s time for some tea……


Pearl piano

Sit back, enjoy a bit of piano music.


Pearl piano hanger

Not to be outdone, this musician plays the piano while hanging upside-down from a pole by his feet.  Have to admit – never saw that before!


Pearl Restaurant 2

 Worked up an appetite? Lots of great Al Fresco dining. Yum!


Pearl skater

Of course not everyone walks on Pearl Street.


Pearl Flowers

Flowers, Fountains & Kids.


Pearl weed artist

An enterprising artist.  He uses leaves and pieces of plants and stuff to create art work on this large stone slab which is actually a fountain with water weeping down from the top.  He simply wets his botanical materials and places them where they self adhere with the moisture. Genius!



Pearl Gelato

Lots of food trucks and stands – 

This one is just made for a nice warm day on Pearl Street


Pearl elk

Lots of Wildlife On Pearl Street – Bronze Wildlife


Pearl Latte

How about a nice Latte?  Sharing it with Spiderman?


Pearl Alpaca

Maybe a bit of shopping?


Pearl Fizz

Soda Pop & Candy at Rocket Fizz


Pearl buffalo

More Bronze Wildlife – a Buffalo – a University of Colorado Buffalo?


pearl restaurant 1

End the walk with a nice indoor / outdoor cafe – maybe a beer?


Thanks for joining me on a Visual Walk Down Pearl Street.  If you are ever near Boulder, Colorado I suggest you stop by and take the walk in person.  You’ll be glad you did.


Visit Pearl Street in Boulder…………..And Enjoy The Adventure!


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