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Flashback Friday

 Kansas Speedway

The Need For Speed!

Welcome to Flashback Friday – Where we share previously published articles which were reader favorites. Hope you enjoy this Friday’s article, originally published in 2014, about The Kansas Speedway NASCAR track.  Enjoy!


Nascar track

 NASACAR Track – Kansas Speedway 

Kansas City is home to the Kansas Speedway, an auto racetrack which is the site of  several NASCAR races each year.  A few years ago I got an outstanding Christmas gift – a “ticket” to participate in the Richard Petty Driving Experience – an opportunity to drive one of these 400 horsepower cars on this high speed, high banked track.  What a rush!


NASCAR bwb 2

A photo of me in my dapper driving togs.  In the winner’s circle of course.



And here I am all buckled in tight (and I do mean tight!) in the pit area for my “photo op” before hitting the track.


Is that fear or determination on my face?  NASCAR bwb 3

Must be determination of course!




It was quite an adventure.  My top lap speed was a whopping 129 mph.  Far slower than the pros for sure.  But plenty fast for me.  Riding high, close to the wall, then dipping down into the turns- well,129 mph seems to be really really fast!

I returned to the Kansas Speedway recently.  It was again a day for the Richard Petty Driving Experience.  But I wasn’t driving this time.  Nope.  This was a photographic outing.  Shooting a combination of aerial videos from my Phantom Vision  quadracopter along with videos and stills with my Nikon D600 from the pit and turns, I put together the brief video below.  Hope you enjoy the ride.

And there you have it – the Kansas Speedway experience in Kansas City.

The Need For Speed ………… Enjoy The Adventure!

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