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Welcome to Flashback Friday – Where we share previously published articles which were reader favorites. Hope you enjoy this Friday’s article, originally published in 2014, a photo safari  through Ranthambore National Park in the heart of India. Enjoy!


Located in Rajasthan India, Ranthambore National Park offers visitors an opportunity to experience native Indian wildlife in it’s natural environment. Once a game preserve for Indian nobility,  it’s not necessarily the easiest place to get to – but it’s well worth the effort.  The park is awash with deer, peacocks, and the ever present monkeys.  A visit to Ranthambore Fort (built in the 10th century) and it’s various structures, also within the park’s perimeter, is a nice break from the safari-like rides along narrow dusty lanes with your naturalist / guide for animal viewing. Depending on your eye sight, and your luck, you might spot leopard, hyena, crocodiles, wild boar and numerous species of birds.  And if you are truly fortunate, the native Bengal Tiger may put in an appearance.

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Join me on a photo safari through Ranthambore –

R park vehicle

Hop in your vehicle with your official guide / naturalist – and you’re off.


park overviewThe park has varied terrain.  Hot dry savannah like areas as well as hills and highlands.  Stay in the vehicle and stay on the dusty tracks.


R park road

Lots of dry forest gives game good cover.  Sometimes animals are easy to spot.  Other times – no so much.


R park deer

The park has a variety of deer species and they are not terribly shy.


R park bird

Plenty of birds for those birders in the group.


R monkeys

Monkeys are everywhere – and also not shy – these guys were all lined up by the side of the road – sort of like a greeting committee or reception line.


R Park overview 3

The park contains several lakes. The fort is on the cliffs in the distance.



You will likely encounter a few very large reptiles.


R birds 2

Water birds.


bird 1

Tree birds.  (By now you may have noticed that I know very little about birds – but they are very photogenic!)


monkey 2

There are lots of monkeys.



A mongoose – out on snake patrol perhaps.


R hog

Wild boar by the waterside.


monkey 3Did I mention monkeys?


safari vehicle sm

Lots of animals.  But of course, everyone really hopes to see the big cats.  They tend to be much more shy and are much more difficult to find and to see.  If you are lucky, your guide may locate one and point it out to you.  Even then, you may have a difficult time seeing it.


R leopard 2

Here’s my first view of a leopard.  I couldn’t see him for the longest time even after the guide told me where he was.  Finally the cat got up and walked closer, the movement making it much easier to “spot” him (sorry about that).



Much closer view thanks to the trusty telephoto.


Tiger 1

Here is my first view of a tiger.  He’s out there – lying around which is what tigers do I guess during the heat of the day.  Well, I thought, not much of a view but at least I got to see a tiger.  But the guide said “let’s wait awhile.”  He pointed out that it was a hot day and there’s a pond of water at the base of the hill.  We waited.  It was a good plan.


tiger 3

Some thirty minutes later the tiger got up and slowly ambled down to the pond whereupon he promptly waded in and cooled himself.  Obviously, the guide knew what he was doing. Not his first rodeo I guess – or should I say safari?


Tiger 2

A cool tiger drink on a hot Indian afternoon.


tiger 4

And a final tiger pose for the camera. If you would like to see a brief video of this tiger click below to  visit …….. the first portion is shaky and a long view ……….the ending is up close while he lounges in the pond.

Tiger Video

So there you have it.  The next time you are in India, I highly recommend a visit to Ranthambore National Park.  Lots of animals and wildlife.  In future articles I’ll share more about the area including the fort as well as a truly outstanding hotel / resort / spa right outside the park which makes a visit just that much more enjoyable.

Take An Indian Safari ……. And Enjoy The Adventure!


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