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Welcome to Flashback Friday – Where we share previously published articles which were reader favorites. Hope you enjoy this Friday’s article, originally published in 2013 – What to see and do when you visit Key West, Florida. Enjoy!


kw hiwayendKey West Florida is quite literally “The end of the road.”  You really can’t get any further south in the United States than Key West. For  US Highway 1 – Well this is “Mile Post 0” – Where the road ends (or begins depending on your inclination).

Having never been to Key West, I figured it was time to find out what it’s all about.  So I hoped in my trusty Road Trek (see related articles about this great vehicle here) and headed south.  And let me tell you, Key West is not close to my home base in Kansas City! As you can see from the map below – it was quite a drive.






Fortunately, I really enjoy road trips so it was a pleasant journey.  I made a few stops along the way, saw some interesting places and caught up with a few friends.

The final approach to Key West takes you south from the Miami area along a niffty stretch of US 1.  The road meanders from Key Largo to Fiesta Key, Duck Key, Big Pine Key and Sugarloaf Key,  hop-scotching from one to another across an amazing series of long bridges until finally it arrives at Key West.

Key West – What To See And Do

Wonder what to see and do in Key West?  Once you arrive in Key West there is an amazing collection of things to see and do.  Here is a smattering of ideas, along with accompanying photos, for the Key West Traveler.

kw bouy

Visit the Southernmost Point of the Continental United States.  

The spot is marked by a gigantic colorful buoy which proclaims it’s strategic location as being on 90 miles from Cuba.  Have your picture taken by the buoy.  It’s almost a rule that visitors must have this photo! If you don’t have this photo – you haven’t really been to Key West!


kw hemingway
Hemingway Home – photo courtesy of Jamie W at “Yelp”

Visit the home of Ernest Hemingway. (hemingwayhome.com

The Hemingway Home in Key West is a National Historic Landmark, Literary Landmark and recorded at the Library of Congress as an Historic American Building. The Noble Prize winning author resided here between 1931 and 1939. You can see where he wrote and also all of those famous “six toed” cats!?

A Kansas City Connection –

By the way – did you know that Hemingway got his writing start right here in my home port of Kansas City?  Yep – he was a “cub reporter” at the Kansas City Star and some say the Star’s “style sheet” influenced Hemingway’s writing throughout his career. Several of his children were also born in Kansas City.  Who knew?

kw hemingway



That’s my bike next to the Hemingway Sign. Key West is generally a very bike friendly area and riding a bike is a great way to avoid what can be very heavy traffic on small congested roads.  And a big bonus – no parking hassles!

To maintain my literary integrity, I must admit that I did not personally visit and inspect the interior of the Hemingway Home. You see,  I am not big on architecture and you will note that the admission fee is $13.00.  All things considered, I decided that for me at least, the $13.00 could be better spent at my next Key West Destination listed directly below.



kw buffetsWelcome to Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville!

The “Original” no less. (margaritaville.com)  Located at 500 Duval Street, this is the place to enjoy some of that special Key West ambiance.  Live music along with great food and drinks.  Welcome to Margaritaville Baby! – after all – It’s Five O’CLock Somewhere!

kw buffet meal

Margarittaville seemed like a great place to grab a bite to eat.  I went with the fish and chips (fresh local fish of course) and slaked my thirst with a local brew – Key West beer.  You can’t get much more Key West that that!


Want to learn more about Key West – What To See And Do?  There’s more to come in follow up articles I’m working on right now.  So come back for more!

Visit The End Of The Road ………….  And Enjoy The Adventure!

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