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Route 66 – Road Trip America

Route 66 /bwb-images
Welcome to Flashback Friday – Where we share previously published articles which were reader favorites. Hope you enjoy this Friday’s article, originally published in 2014.
Foreign Travel can be great – new cultures, languages, foods, customs.  But sometimes it’s nice to travel a bit closer to home. There are lots of amazing Travel Adventures available in this great old U.S. of A.  I’ve done my share of U.S. travel, mostly using my favorite road trip vehicle – My Road Trek.  I’ve written of my Road Trek before (see related article).  We’ve covered a few miles together. (And I think we have a few more yet to look forward to.) I thought it would be interesting to occasionally share some of my favorite Road Trip America Experiences.
Route 66, the  legendary American Road – Steinbeck called it “The Mother Road”, travels over 2,400 miles and passes through eight states as it runs from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California.  Opened in November of 1926, it opened much of the U.S. to vehicle travel in a manner never before possible.
Rte 66 Station Central Missouri / bwb-images

Today, much of the original Route 66 has been incorporated into newer, high-speed expressways.  But if you look, you can still find stretches of the original road.  Old gas stations and buildings, once forgotten and forlorn, are being revitalized.  Searching out these unique stretches of Route 66 makes for a great Travel Adventure.

Kansas shares a portion of Route 66 fame – but a rather small portion to say the least. Kansas has the shortest piece of  Route 66.  The 13 mile stretch of The Mother Road  cuts briefly across the Southeastern Corner of Kansas as it runs from Missouri southward to Oklahoma.  But still there are some interesting sights and places to visit – it’s a step back in time.

Rte 66 Gas Pump – Galena, KS / bwb-imagesRte 66 Kansas / bwb-images
Rte 66 Kansas / bwb-images
GET YOUR KICKS ON ROUTE 66……………………………….
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