July 19, 2024

Flash Back Friday

Boiled Peanuts?  A Road Trip Report


Welcome to Flashback Friday – Where we share previously published articles which were reader favorites. Hope you enjoy this Friday’s article, originally published in 2013.

Part of the adventure of travel is the opportunity to sample new things.  So how could I say no when offered the chance to visit Cromer’s P-Nuts in Columbia, South Carolina.  After all – their slogan is “Guaranteed Worst In Town”.  The slogan apparently started in Cromer’s early days when a competitor at the Farmers Market would yell out to Cromer’s customers, Don’t buy those! Mine are the best! Cromer’s are no good.” Rather than be trapped into a defensive battle, Cromer embraced the derision as an opportunity and posted his new slogan “Guaranteed Worst in Town.”  The rest, as they say, is history.

Today Cromer’s is one of South Carolina’s largest suppliers of concession equipment, party supplies and promotional products.  They also sell all types and kinds of snack foods with a focus on popcorn and peanuts.  Check out their website: Cromer’s.

On my recent visit I couldn’t decide what to try so I asked about the specialty of the house.  Now, you have to realize that I am from Kansas City, which in South Carolina is considered to be The North.  So maybe it was my northern hearing – ( or perhaps their tad bit of southern drawl)  but I swear they said that I should try their “Hot Balled Peanuts.”  Strange thoughts raced through my mind.  I was puzzled -to say the least.  Finally, after several attempts at clarification I eventually understood that they were recommending “Hot Boiled Peanuts.”  With a mild sense of relief I agreed to try some.  Again, as a Northerner, I had never heard of – let alone tried –  hot boiled peanuts.  Apparently they are a Big Hit in the South!

peanut 2


My hot boiled peanuts were dipped up fresh, right out of the boiling pot.  I put them on a napkin to make the photo above, documenting the event.  I must say – they looked a bit odd.  Then came the taste test.  What can I say?  Warm, soft – perhaps a bit mushy?  I am assured they are delicious – but it appears to be an acquired taste.

For those who aren’t quite ready to try the boiled peanuts, Cromer’s offers all sorts of other treats.



They even have my favorite – Roasted P-Nuts!  And of course – they are “Guaranteed Worst In Town!”

Try Some Boiled Peanuts? ……………. Enjoy The Adventure!


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