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Welcome to Flashback Friday – Where we share previously published articles which were reader favorites. Hope you enjoy this Friday’s article, originally published in 2014

Visiting Ranthambore National Park in India?  Hoping to see some tigers?  Wondering where to stay?  Here’s a suggestion – try the Nahargarh Hotel.  Located immediately adjacent to the National Park, the hotel is quite literally an oasis in this rather hot and arid section of Rajasthan India. After hot dusty game drives through the park, where temperatures can easily rise to 90 or 100 degrees fahrenheit, a retreat to the Nahargarh Hotel to freshen up is just what the doctor ordered.

In a previous article (click here) I’ve written about Ranthambore Park and shared photos of the animals I encountered.  Now take a look at Nahargah Hotel.

The road to Nahargarh Hotel is dry and dusty – just like everything else in the area.

R Hotel road



Then, just about the time when you have begun to wonder if there is really a hotel out there – the white buildings of the hotel emerge on the horizon.

R hotel 1


The closer you get, the better things look.  Your hopes begin to rise.

R hotel 2


You finally arrive at the main entrance – rather impressive.

R hotel 3


Your view of the interior courtyards lets you know that this is going to be good.

r hotel 10


One of the main courtyards. Cool, quiet and restful.

R hotel 4


Rooms are simple – open, spacious and comfortable.

r hotel 8


This was my room for one – including  a separate dressing area.

r hotel 9


Food is good with a mix of local and more western items.  Breakfast and lunch are served in well appointed dining rooms.  Dinner can be enjoyed  outside under the stars.

r hotel 7


Pool and spa facilities offer great relaxation after dusty game drives.

R hotel 5


The pleasures and comforts of Nahargarh Hotel are great compliments to the rigors of game viewing drives over the rough and dusty lanes of neighboring Ranthambore National Park.

r hotel 6

Many have enjoyed the Nahargarh Hotel including film makers who have used it as a lovely setting for their productions..  It’s well worth the stop!

Nahargarh Hotel ………    Enjoy the Adventure!


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