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Croco Pizza Sign


    Those in my neighborhood (temporary) in Chiang Mai, Thailand frequently call it “Back Packer Alley.” But to be honest, the name is actualy Ratchaphuek Alley.  Still,  Back Packer Alley is much easier to pronounce and is, at the same time rather reflective of the area which is full of hostels, hotels, scooters, and a large collection of international back packers.

Croco Pizza – Midway between Maya Mall & Chiang Mai Old Walled City

 Back Packer Alley, located one block north of Huaykaew Road,  is also home to a nice variety of local restaurants. And since it is located a mere 500 meter walk from my apartment, it’s in easy range when a case of the munchies strikes. I’ve developed a taste (sorry ’bout that) for several of the small dining venues on the “Alley.”  CROCO PIZZA is one of my favorites. Located at 8/4 Ratchaphuek Road, Chang Phueak, Muang Chiang Mai, Thailand 50300 ( phone:096 497 6766 ) they open at 11:00 AM for lunch but don’t serve pizza until 4:00 PM..   Croco Pizza Exterior

Croco Pizza  Exterior 

Croco’s has a mixture of indoor and outdoor deck seating – but there are no walls on the street side and the entire establishment is open air. It’s not a big place but is very popular.  Some folks are regulars ( or temporary regulars like me) and others stop in by chance.  The atmosphere is friendly as is the service. It’s the kind of place where folks hang out and have a sandwich in the afternoon while they nurse a beer or two, and talk about Chiang Mai, travel or what’s going on in the world of cryptocurrency.  Pizza isn’t served until after 4:00 PM.  It’s worth waiting / or planning for.  Most folks eat on site but they offer “take away” as well.

 Croco Pizza Interior


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Croco’s has a variety of items on the menu  but I have visited primarily for their great pizza and sandwiches.  Pizza’s are thin crust with a wood fired quality and taste – delicious.  Toppings?  They have all the standards and combos as well as some that are distinctly Thai. Croco Pizza Menu 1   Croco’s offers a wide variety of sandwiches, served on French Baguette rolls. Croco Pizza Menu 2   Rounding out the menu, Croco’s also offers salads, “Baked Mashed Potatoes” with various ingredients, “toasts”, spaghetti, and several sides including yummie french fries seen in the photo below. croco pizza menu 3


Excellent Pizza & Chang Beer

Croco Pizza

Croco Pepperoni Pizza – Wonderful!


Croco’s also has a variety of sandwiches on the menu.  And their fries are great!

Croco Pizza Sandwich

 Croco’s Sandwich & Fries


Check Out Croco Pizza ………… And Enjoy The Adventure!




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