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    The iPhone is a powerful tool for the traveler.  Among other things, it is a great travel camera.  And once the photography is done, the iPhone can take those images and  produce some very nice iPhone travel videos.  In a previous article I described how the iPhone can be used to create Quick & Easy Travel Videos.  The approach is indeed quick, almost totally automatic. The iPhone selects what images are used and in what order they are shown.  Titles and music are also automatically selected.  The resulting videos are great. But there are a few ways to “tweak” that approach which, with just a bit more effort, allows you to have more control over the final video.   Here’s how ……………

Creating Custom iPhone Travel Videos

Once again, all the video production magic takes place in the Photos App of your iPhone.  There are three phases to fully customizing your video on the iPhone: 1) Create Your Own Custom Album Of Images & Video Clips, 2) Create Your iPhone Travel Video, 3) Customize Your iPhone Travel Video.



  • 1)  Open the Photos App. This time, instead of starting with a “memories” collection which the iPhone has automatically compiled for you, you are going to create your own “Album” – a collection of images that you select and want to include in your new travel video.  Look at the bottom right corner of the Photo App screen and you will see an “Albums” icon.  Click on that.


  • 2) This “Albums Screen” shows all the photo and video albums on your iPhone – those that the iPhone has automatically created for you, based on content type, and those that you may have created yourself.  Scroll to the top of this screen and you will see the title “Albums” in large bold font.   Immediately below this there is a square area beneath which is the album name “Camera Roll”. The Camera Roll contains ALL the photos and videos you have taken on you iPhone (unless you have deleted or off loaded some of course). Click on the “Camera Roll.”

  • 3)  In Camera Roll you are presented with small, thumbnail images of all your iPhone photos and videos.  You can identify which thumbnails represent a video by looking at the lower right corner of the thumbnail.  Video thumbnails have numbers in the lower right corner indicating the time duration of the video clip. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the total number of photos and videos in the Camera Roll. Images and videos are presented chronologically in the Camera Roll.  The most recent photos are presented at this bottom area of the camera roll.  Scrolling upward takes you further and further back in time, to images that you shot in the past.


  • 4) Now you are ready to select the content that you want to include in your travel video.  You can include not only still photos but also videos. – There are different ways that you can select you images and clips.  Here’s the way that seems the most straight forward to me. First, decide the theme or the types of content  you want to show in your video. This example I’m using the theme “Thai Temples” and will select images to fit that theme.  Now, click on the word “Select” at the upper right corner of the Camera Roll Screen.


  • 5) Keeping your video them in mind, slowly scroll through your camera roll and directly click on each image or video clip that you want to include in your own video. As you click on an image a blue circle with a check mark will appear on it to show it has been selected.  Continue to scroll and select as many items as you want. The total number of items you have selected is shown at the top of the screen.  If you change you mind after you make a selection you can simply click on the item again and it will be “deselected.”


  • 6) When you have completed making all your selections it is time to create a new album to contain these selected items.  At the bottom center of the screen you will see the words “Add To”.  Tap on this.


  • 7) A new screen will open – labeled “Add To Album” at the top center.  Directly under this will be information showing the number of photos and video clips you selected to add to an album.  Under this you will see the heading “My Albums” and directly below this you will see a grey square labeled “New Album”.  Click on the grey square labeled New Album.


  • 8) A new block opens labeled “New Album”.  This is where you enter the name for your new album.  In this example I’ve entered the album name “Thai Temples.”  Now click “Save”.


  • 9) Next navigate back to the Albums screen. Scroll downward and you will see various albums you may have on your iPhone including your new album – in this case – Thai Temples.


All the steps thus far have allowed you to personally select exactly the images and video clips that you want to include in your own custom iPhone movie.  Now it’s time to create your iPhone Travel Video.



  • Next click on the Thai Temples Album.  This opens the screen labeled Thai Temples and shows the images included in that album.  Click on the small gray arrow at the top right of the screen as indicated below.


  • A new screen opens showing the Tai Temples video at the top. Click on the black arrow at the bottom right corner of the view images as shown below.  This will open a new screen and will show you a full screen version of a video based upon the images you have selected.  Your iPhone has determined the order of presentation, the title style, the music, and the video duration


At this point you have a completed video based upon images you have selected.  Your iPhone has made all the other selections.  If you like the video as presented – you are done.  However, if you would like to further customize your video there are several customization options available to you.



  • If you are watching the video as presented in the step above – click on the image to get to the screen shown below.  If the video has completed playing it will return to this screen automatically.  Click on  “Edit” in the upper right corner.


  • This brings up the screen seen below. Click on “OK”.


  • The EDIT screen shown below will open.  Using this screen you can further customize your video.  Using the TITLE EDITOR you can change the title of your video, change information on the second line of the video (defaults to the date range of the images included). You can also change the style of the  title / font / etc. Using the TITLE IMAGE EDITOR you can select the image used behind the title of your video. Using the MUSIC EDITOR allows you to select from a large variety of ‘sound tracks’ available from Apple or from music in your own iTunes collection. You can also select not to have any background music as well. The DURATION EDITOR allows you to adjust the length of your video – shorter or sometimes longer – this seems to depend on how many images and clips you include in your video. Finally, by using the PHOTOS & VIDEOS EDITOR you can make adjustments to what images and videoclips are included in the video.


And that’s it.  You now have your own customized iPhone Travel Videos. And it’s all done on your iPhone.  Yes, it takes a bit of time to create your own customized video.  (And if you want to do a quicker video using automatic functions of the iPhone you can – see the article  Quick & Easy Travel Videos. ) But these steps allow you to create a final product video that will wow your friends.  What are you waiting for?   Start your iPhone Travel Videos  now!


Create  Custom iPhone Travel Videos  ……… And Enjoy The Adventure!


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