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Amelia Earhart’s Home in Atchison, Kansas






    Atchison, Kansas is a mere 1 hour, 60 mile drive northwest from Kansas City, Missouri.  Located on the banks of the Missouri River at a point where the river separates the States of Kansas and Missouri, Atchison is a delightful little town for a quick visit – day trip from Kansas City.  It’s the place where Lewis & Clark rested their crew and replenished supplies as they traveled from St.Louis, Missouri to the mouth of the Columbia River in Oregon. You can find a variety of historic markers detailing Lewis and Clark history in the area.

One Of Several Routes From Kansas City To Atchison


Enjoy a brief video of a visit to Amelia Earhart’s Atchison, Kansas 


    For many, Atchison’s primary claim to fame is it’s history as the city where Amelia Earhart spent her early years.  Amelia’s mother moved in to live briefly with her parents in their home in Atchison for Amelia’s birth on July 24, 1897.  Amelia then lived briefly with her family in Kansas City before moving back to Atchison to attend private school.  During this time, from age 3 to 12, she and her younger sister Grace Muriel again resided in the home of her grandparents. In 1909 Amelia and her sister rejoined her parents when her father found stable work with the railroad in Des Moines, Iowa.  Over the years Amelia lived in many places but always considered Atchison to be her hometown.  

Commemorative Sign At Amelia Earhart’s Home


Amelia’s Childhood Home -223 North Terrace Street, Atchison, Kansas

The home in which Amelia was born, and later lived, is today “The Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum.”    The house is owned now by the International Ninety-Nines, an organization for women pilots.  Amelia was their first president.   Today the house is open for visitors.  It is furnished and decorated with many original items.   Rooms are full of interesting items and memorabilia related to Amelia’s life and her love of flying.  

The Front Parlor

  Amelia developed a love of flying at an early age. Her fame as a pilot was established when, in 1932 and using her Lockheed Vega, she became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.  Over the years she claimed numerous other flying awards including the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Gold Medal from the National Geographic Society.  

The Library with Painting of Amelia’s Favorite Aircraft – Her Lockheed Vega


Flight Memoriabilia


Historic Photos


Formal Dining Room


Amelia Earhart Points of Interest in Atchison Area

 If you visit Atchison be sure to see the “earthwork” portrait of Amelia.  It’s located on a shallow hillside just southwest of the city at Warnock Lake.  Please note however that it is a bit difficult to get a good view of the portrait from the ground.  The image below was made using my Mavic Air Photo Drone.

Earthwork Portrait of Amelia Earhart

  A life-size state of Amelia is located in a retail shopping / mall area in central Atchison.

Statue of Amelia Earhart

  Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, disappeared over the Pacific Ocean in July of 1937 while attempting a circumnavigational flight around the world.  Many theories and claims have been made about what happened to Amelia and Fred but their disappearance remains a mystery.


Did You Work Up An Appetite On Your Day Trip?

  A visit to Atchison and the various Amelia Earhart sites makes a fun and interesting day trip from Kansas City.  If you get a bit hungry during your visit you might want to stop in at The Gateway Shops ( sort of an antique mall area ), located in the mall very near Amelia’s statue.  They have a really neat old time soda fountain where you can get a bit of refreshment before driving back to Kansas City.  I tried the Grilled Tenderloin Sandwich.  It’s HUGE as well as delicious. I highly recommend it.

Gateway Shops


Soda Fountain at Gateway Shops


Delicious Tenderloin Sandwich At The Soda Fountain

    Visit Amelia Earhart’s Atchison, Kansas ………….. And Enjoy the Adventure!



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