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Compact 3-Axis Stabilized Video Camera



The Osmo Pocket ………. image by DJI Image


DJI recently released a new product which has great potential for those interested in a small, literally pocket sized camera which is capable of producing high quality, stabilized 4K video as well as still images.  That camera is The OSMO POCKET .

I’ve long been a fan of DJI and their ground breaking, consumer friendly drones.  I’ve owned a Phantom and then a Spark.  My current go-to drone is the DJI Mavic Air which is small, compact and travel friendly. In my experience DJI makes great tech equipment and so I was happy when I learned of their new pocket sized video camera.

Hand held Osmo Pocket ………… image by DJI


The DJI Osmo Pocket looks like a great camera for the travel photographer. While perhaps not a serious photographer’s primary camera, it would make an excellent 2nd or backup camera.  And for the casual photographer it just might be all the camera power you need for your next travel get away.  The Osmo shoots video at up to 4K resolution and incorporates an active 3 Axis Gimbal system which produces very smooth stabilized video images. It should be great for vloggers .  Of course there is a “selfie mode” so travelers can capture themselves in front of their favorite travel venues. The Osmo also shoots stills, panos and other types of images.  While being very capable and versatile, the Osmo is small.  Actually, it’s downright tiny – measuring less than 6 inches in length! It’s amazing that this little device produces such large results!

Here are the basic camera and video specs provided by DJI in the manual –




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The basic Osmo Pocket camera comes with a slip-in style plastic case, a charging cable, and 2 adapters which allow the camera to be attached directly to a smartphone.  Although not pictured below, a wrist strap is also include, which – oddly enough – connects to the case but cannot be attached to the camera for safety during shooting.

Pocket Osmo and basic items …………… image by DJI

Box Contents


Camera In Case


The Osmo incorporates a simple 2 button operation.  The small but usable LCD screen is actually a touchscreen which allows access to various camera functions and settings.

Rather than giving you an overload of operational details, interested readers can get all the facts on-line in the Osmo Pocket Manual at OSMO MANUAL



The Osmo Pocket can also be connect to a smart phone by removing a connector cover and then inserting an adapter (lightning or USB-C)  Attaching a smartphone allows the use of DJI’s MIMO app  (Mimo for Google Play — Mimo for Apple  — Mimo for Android)  The smartphone app gives the user access to a larger screen version of camera settings and adjustments. Using this configuration also allows the user to use the smartphone as a larger screen viewfinder for composing and monitoring video and image production.  Thus far I have found this configuration to be a bit awkward to use for actual shooting.  It also seems to defeat the advantage of have such a small and unobtrusive camera.  Finally, while the connection seems firm, I would be a it worried about the potential for putting too much pressure or torque on the connection between the phone and Osmo Pocket if used too frequently, thus possibly breaking either the camera or the smartphone connector.  (There are  a variety of adapters available to provide a more firm connection such as the ULANZI OP-1 Osmo Pocket Mount which appear to likely offer more operational safety but at the counter intuitive cost of making the system even larger.)


Connector Cover Removed
Lightning Adapter Inserted














Osmo Pocket with Apple iPhone 5s Attached


The Osmo Pocket is the newest camera in my photography kit. I think it will be a great addition, allowing me to produce quality video and still images for Travel And Photo Today articles as well as for other outlets.



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