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Travel And Photo Today has previously written about security issues for travelers while they are on the road ( Safety & Security Tips for Travelers  ) But what about home security? Home Security? Yes, it’s  important to everyone. But it’s especially important for travelers.  After all, if you want to be able to fully enjoy your journey to far off lands it helps to have peace of mind about the home you left behind. Enter Home Security Devices for Travelers.

Yes, home security is important for travelers. But how do you maintain the security of your home while you are off exploring the world? Fortunately today it is becoming easier.  It takes a bit of planning but there are a variety of options available.  You could arrange for a house sitter – a great possibility.  Or, you could employ the services of a residential security firm to patrol and watch your home. Increasingly however, travelers are taking advantage of the growing number of user-friendly DIY security devices available.  You can do it too.  Today, travelers can install their own DIY Home Security System.

User Friendly And Cost Effective Home Security Devices 

There are lots of home security devices for travelers available today – so many in fact that it can be overwhelming to simply explore the options.  Listed below are several items that  I have used and have found to be  effective, reasonably priced, and simple to install and operate. With devices of this type in place, travelers can set forth on their journeys with a bit more peace of mind regarding the security of the homes they are leaving behind.

Security Cameras – 

EZVIZ produces a number of different security cameras which are great options for travelers. Set them up to monitor your front door – your patio – the interior of your home.    Cameras have motion detection and are night vision capable.  They can be programmed to send emails or alerts to your smart phone when an event occurs.  Cameras can record activities to micro SD cards so there is no need to pay for any monthly cloud based monitoring or storage.Recorded videos as well as live feed video can  be monitored from your smart phone via the free EZVIZ app. And of course, security cameras can be used for daily needs as well as long term travel .  Use them for monitoring your pet while you are away at work or to keep an eye on the baby in the nursery. The EZVIZ cameras below also are Alexa compliant meaning that you can view their video feed on your Alexa Show devices.

EZVIZ Mini Trooper The Mini Trooper is a small, egg-shaped camera which connects to it’s own wifi base.  It’s extremely versatile.  The camera is battery powered. It requires no wires for power which means you can place it just about anywhere.  Put it on a shelf, a window sill, a table.  It can be placed and moved with ease from one area to another according to your viewing needs.  It comes with a magnetic mounting base when can be attached to a wall, ceiling, or around entry doors or windows etc.  The camera itself contains a very strong magnet so you can attach the camera to the mounting base when you want and simply move it by pulling it away. The camera connects with it’s base station via wifi. This camera is also designed for both outdoor or indoor use.

The EZVIS Mini Trooper is currently available at a great price on Amazon in a two camera pack which includes everything your need.


EZVIZ Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera …The EZVIZ PAN/TILT/ZOOM CAMERA provides HD 1080p quality video and still images.  It is designed for indoor use and is powered by a wired plug which connects to household current but it requires no base station, connecting  with the internet via wifi connection directly with your router.  The EZVIZ app allows precision definition of monitoring areas and alert areas and sensitivities. With the app you can also actively monitor live camera feed and move the camera’s field of view with pan/tilt/ and zoom features.  A microphone and small speaker are incorporated into the base allowing you to hear and respond to activities in the space being monitored. Use it to monitor your home while you are away on travels or keep an eye on your pet while you are at work. Overall it is a great video security device for travelers.


The EZVIZ PAN/TILT/ZOOM is a great camera with  a rich feature set and is easily installed and operated.  It’s available though Amazon.


Perfect Tote Bag For Travelers

Available from BWB Concepts



Remote Control Plugs & Switches – 

MEROSS is a tech company which produces a variety of smart home devices.  Devices link directly to your home wifi and no other base station is required.  Meross devices also link up easily with Alexa allowing simple voice control of switches, plugs and connected items. They are reasonably priced and installation is simple and straight forward.  (Of course it’s lots easier to install a plug than it is to install a wall switch – so simplicity is somewhat relative to the device you are working with).  Switches and plugs work with the same Meross smartphone app with a user friendly interface.  With the app you can manually turn items on or off, or you can establish individual programs (routines) for each device for scheduling on/off operation according to your desires.

Meross WiFi Smart Plug Mini – Simply insert the Smart Plug Mini into an existing outlet, link it up to your wifi and you’re ready for action.  Before leaving home, travelers can attach these plugs to lamps, radios, etc. Then while traveling they can easily use their smartphone to manually check and control the on/off  status of connected devices.  Each plug can also be individually programmed with multiple schedules to turn the connected device on and off automatically. Using multiple plugs to control various lights and items around the home gives it that “lived in – somebody is at home” feel even when you are away.   And when you are at home, the plugs can be voice controlled via Alexa giving at home living an additional dimension of ease and simplicity.

The Meross WiFi Smart Mini Plug is versatile, easy to use and reasonably priced. It is available from Amazon.


Meross Wifi Smart Wall Switch –     Replace your existing wall switch with a WiFi Smart Switch.  Once installed just link up with WiFi using the Meross smartphone app and the switch controlled device (lamp, fan, fountain, etc.) can be operated remotely or programmed for automatic, scheduled operation. ( Please note – installation of the WiFi wall switch is relatively straightforward and not unlike installing any wall switch. Nonetheless, the wall switch installation is obviously more involved than using the Mini Plug reviewed above.  Read product descriptions carefully to be sure you are getting the proper switch for your situation / application. Follow the Meross directions and be sure to turn off current to the switch before starting installation.  If you are not handy working with electrical wiring or if you are uncertain about installing switches it might be best to have these installations done by a professional. Better safe than sorry!) These Meross wall switches are also comparable with Alexa adding another level of convenience to at home living.


The Meross WiFi Smart Wall Switch is a great and reasonably priced smart switch which allows local and remote control of attached devices.   It is available from Amazon.

Today it’s easy to take advantage of emerging technologies to add additional levels of security to your home.  These items are perfect Home Security Devices For Travelers, allowing  increased peace of mind while away from home, wandering the world.

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Travel With Peace Of Mind Using Security Devices For Travelers  ………………

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