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RoadTrek RV in the Dakotas
My ROAD TREK on the plains of South Dakota/ bwb-images


Regular readers will know that I’ve previously written about many great road trips I’ve taken throughout the United States. Traveling in my trusty Roadtrek (pictured above) I’ve traveled from Seattle, to Arizona, to Keywest to Maine. My Roadtrek has been a great travel vehicle and it has served me very, very well. If you would like to read articles I’ve written about some of these travels you might try these (And there are lots more – just search inside the Travel And Photo Today website ) :

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I’m saying “Good-Bye” to my old friend. The time has come for me to part with my ROADTREK. Yes, it’s true. In this “Special Edition” of Travel And Photo Today I’m announcing that I’m selling my Roadtrek. Have to say, I’m a bit sad. I’ve had some excellent adventures on my oh-so-many road trips in my Roadtrek. Frankly, I’ve visited all the places and I’ve taken all the road trips I want. So I”m done with road trip travel – but – my Road Trek is not. No – by no means is it done. This Roadtrek is built for the road. It thrives on road trips. It needs a new home and a chance to continue it’s road trip adventures. So it’s time for me to sell the Roadtrek. It’s ready for more travel adventures and will be an outstanding travel vehicle for the right traveler.

This is the perfect vehicle if you are new to the world of RV Travel And Camping. And if you want a great and handy RV which is smaller than the those monster “land yachts” – handles so much better – goes darn near everywhere – gets lots better milage – and costs a whole lot less – then this is the RV for you.

Read on for more general information about my Roadtrek and lots of photos. If you are interested and would like more specific information – feel free to email me at: Bruce@TravelAndPhotoToday.com



The ROAD TREK – Road Trip Adventures!

I’m selling my favorite toy – my 1996 Roadtrek – it’s the 190 Versatile Model.  I’ve traveled with it all over the country.  It’s still in great shape and has lots more travel in it. This is the perfect vehicle for your road trip adventures.   It has all the conveniences of a recreational vehicle in a small and handy package.  Big enough for travel throughout the United States yet small enough to drive around town. It’s GREAT!

This Roadtrek is absolutely LOADED with features and accessories.  Far too many to attempt to describe them all here.  

BASICS:   Here are the BASICS:

The Roadtrek is referred to as a Class B Recreational Vehicle. Small and easy to drive and park.  More fuel efficient than those giant “land yachts.”

The Versatile 190 is 19 feet long – built on a Dodge 3500 chasis – it has good ground clearance, making it possible to get back into some of those “off-the-beaten-path” campsites. 

ROAD TREK – built for the road.

The Versatile lives up to it’s name – interior can be converted and configured into a number of different seating, dining, and sleeping arrangements to meet your specific needs. It’s small enough to drive around town. When traveling you can stop at a commercial campground and connect to power “hook-up”s. You can also go “off grid,” use the generator and be comfortable in the “outback” on your own. Good for the city, national parks or backcountry travels.

Engine: The Road Trek has a Dodge Ram V-8 truck engine –(frequently running well into the 300K mile range ) This one is in “middle age” and has lots of power for highway and mountain driving. 

BEYOND THE BASICS – It’s got all you need – check out this list – and there are more beyond this:

  • Seating for up to 7 or 8 passengers with 2 captains chair seats up front and 2 forward facing lounge seats in the second row.
  • Sleeping arrangements – Rear dinette (or L-shaped lounge) converts into double bed. Front seating converts into 2 single beds. 
  • Galley Area – Microwave, 2 burner gas stove top, exhaust fan, 3 cu foot     refrigerator, sink, storage areas for cooking items and food.
  • Flat screen TV with DVD player – adjustable for viewing in the rear area or toward the forward part of the vehicle. 
  • Partitions which can be adjusted to give privacy to the front or rear areas.
  • Large wardrobe for clothing and storage as well as storage areas over the rear seating / sleeping area.
  • Electrical – internal “house” battery system provides DC power for lighting when off the grid. When external power is available – plug in and connect to use full 110 AC  power. 
  • Built in, gasoline powered, electrical generator for 110 AC power when off the grid.
  • Built in Air-Conditioning unit
  • Built in LP gas tank.
  • Built in LP Heater / Furnace Unit
  • Control panel to monitor and adjust electrical and power settings.
  • External storage areas as well as more storage under the rear sleeping / seating areas.

Road Trek Recreational Vehicle -RV – Motor Home For Sale

Take A Look – Check Out The Photos

Road Trek – Full of features but easy to drive and park
Rear View – Spare Tire, Built in A/C unit
Captains Chairs in the front (they swivel to face the rear for other eating and seating options)
Front captains chair seating with one seat reversed
Dual door access to mid section for easy loading
2nd row seating area – easy access through double side doors
Looking back into the Road Trek – 2nd row seating , galley, storage, seating/sleeping area
Look to rear of Road Trek – 2nd row seating, wardrobe storage area, back seating/sleeping area
Galley Area – Stove, sink, microwave, counter top
Storage, wardrobe area
Storage, DVD Player, TV on swing out / adjustable arm
Rear seating / sleeping area – converts to queen size bed
Rear seating/sleeping area showing TV(covered), storage and galley area
Rear seating/sleeping area showing storage / wardrobe
Storage area under bed above – accessible from rear door and also inside
Control Panel – showing battery status / generator operation & controls
Storage areas above rear seating
Exterior storage and connections for external TV cable & electrical hook-ups.

As I said at “The Top”, this is the perfect vehicle if you are new to the world of RV Travel And Camping. And if you want a great and handy RV which is smaller than the those monster “land yachts” – handles so much better – goes darn near everywhere – gets lots better milage – and costs a whole lot less – then this is the RV for you.

If you have questions or would like more information.

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Take A Road Trip In A Road Trek ..

…….And Enjoy The Adventure !