July 18, 2024

A Brief Note to inform my Loyal Readers that I am heading out and may not be publishing articles as frequently as usual for a brief time. As my fellow travelers know, there is this condition – known as ITCHY FOOT SYNDROME – which can be very irritating and can only be successfully treated with a Bit of Travel. Well, I seem to have developed a mild case of this syndrome, so I really have no choice other than to “take the cure.”

This time my “curative travel itinerary” takes me to the Mid-East. I will be journeying through Israel and Jordan. It’s a return to Israel and a first visit to Jordan. Should be a great adventure. I have to admit, I’ve wanted to visit Petra ever since first watching INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE.

And there’s nothing quite like the Indiana Jones Theme Song to get the juices flowing for a great travel adventure. Click the Arrow below to listen to this stirring production. It’s my marching song – Onward to Petra.

Jerusalem – Western Wall and Dome of the Rock – a previous visit.

My bags are packed, my house sitter has arrived (Many thanks to James – I will, of course happily return the favor.) and my tickets and passport are all in order. Guess I am set to hit the road.

I plan to post brief travel updates and photos on Facebook. So if you are interested I invite you to follow along at: https://www.facebook.com/TravelAndPhotoToday/

Hit The Road …………………..

………… And Enjoy The Journey!

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