July 23, 2024

KC Plaza Fountains

Welcome to Travel and Photo Today’s KC Barbecue Tour!

(If you are new to this series about Kansas City BBQ you can visit the First Stop on the KC Barbecue Tour at KC BBQ 1st Stop for a bit of history and background.)

Today’s Tour Stop – SLAP’S BBQ

SLAP’S BBQ finds it’s roots in the competitive barbecue team which was started in 2013 by two brothers – Mike and Joe Pearce. The name of their BBQ team? “Squeal Like A Pig.” Yep – that’s how this great little BBQ restaurant got it’s start and also how it got it’s name. (Take a moment – take a look. — Squeal Like A Pig — ‘Nuf said. ) The brothers, who continue to operate a competitive BBQ team, opened their restaurant in 2014. They sold out on their first day and their success has continued.

Slap’s BBQ – 553 Central Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas 66101 https://slapsbbqkc.com

Slap’s is located on the extreme eastern edge of Kansas City, Kansas. less than a half mile from the Kansas River which separates Kansas City, Kansas from it’s larger neighbor, Kansas City, Missouri, to the east.

Kansas City, Missouri skyline

The skyline of Kansas City, Missouri dominates the eastward view from the area of Slap’s BBQ. The restaurant will open an “upper deck” seating area later this fall to offer patrons views such as this while they sample their favorite BBQ.

Slap’s BBQ doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s a small and casual place which is more of a great BBQ “joint” than a “restaurant.”

Front entrance to Slap’s

Forget about table service, fancy tables and place settings. At Slap’s customers line up to place their order. ( Frequently the line extends out the door – hence the canopy seen in the image above which affords customers a bit of shade on hot sunny days and helps keep them dry when it rains.

Slap’s serve yourself ordering area

The Menu includes all the standards – brisket, ribs, turkey, pulled pork, burnt ends, chicken and sausage – which are offered in various sandwiches as well as combo plates.

Slap’s multiple menu options

There are several tables in a small indoor seating area which adjoins the order / serving counter. The majority of the seating is at picnic type tables located outside on an open air deck with a roof and lighting as well as fans for warm weather and banks of outdoor heaters when the weather is cool.

Slap’s “Outdoor Deck” seating.

Slap’s burnt ends, pulled pork, fries and a “Chief’s Kingdom” beer

If you are a BBQ lover and enjoy a good BBQ joint then you know that “it’s all about the “Q”. And the “Q” at Slap’s is good – it’s really good. That said, let me add that I was really disappointed at Slap’s. We all have our favorites. When I venture out to sample good BBQ I have my taste buds set for my regular, “go to” BBQ favorites – Ribs and Smoked Turkey. I had heard good things about the “Q” at Slap’s and I was ready to sample my “go to” favorites. Alas – it was not to be. They were “out” – sold out of Ribs AND sold out of Smoked Turkey! Devastation! In fairness, I must say that on their website they clearly state: *Due to our commitment to serve the freshest BBQ each day, we may sell out of some or all products!!! So fair warning I guess. I arrived later in the evening. I paid the price. Next time I’ll know better.




Unable to order my BBQ favorites, I personally selected a “Combo Plate” with the burnt ends and the pulled pork, accompanied by fries and mac & cheese. The burnt ends were truly top notch. Tender, moist and full of flavor. The same was true for the pulled pork. Both meats were delicious and flavorful on their own. There was no need for any BBQ sauce. ( Which, IMHO, was just as well because their sauce seems to be a rather thin concoction, lacking in flavor and not really a strong product for Slap’s.) The mac & cheese was – well – mac & cheese. A second side came with the Combo Plate and that’s what I selected. What was I thinking? Next time I know I’ll try something else. The fries, however, were great. Nicely prepared and tasty – a good compliment to the “Q”.

Golden Road Brewing Company’s KC Chief’s Kingdom Blonde Ale

My visit to Slap’s occurred in early fall. To the uninitiated I should point out that Fall in Kansas City means FOOTBALL! The entire region is in love with the resurgent KANSAS CITY CHIEFS. With the unbelievable skills of Patrick Mahomes at quarterback (the NFL’s MVP last year) leading an increasingly talented team, hopes are high for the Chief’s to win it all in Miami on February 2, 2020. Everything in Kansas City is Chief’s, Chief’s, Chief’s! And that includes the beer. Welcome to Chief’s Kingdom! A nice and very loyal blonde ale to wash down some great BBQ.

Slap’s burnt ends, brisket, and fries

My Slap’s BBQ dining companion for the evening also opted for the Combo Plate, selecting burnt ends and brisket. The brisket was also reported to be “excellent” – moist, tender and full of flavor. You will note that there is no sauce on this order either.

And there you have it – “Squeal Like A Pig” – aka “Slap’s” – serves up some really delicious BBQ. If you are ever in the KC area it is definitely worth the stop.

Try Some Tasty BBQ At Slap’s …..

………. and Enjoy The Adventure!

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