August 15, 2022
The Taco Republic - Creative and delicious "stree-style tacos"

Taco Republic – Great Tacos In KC Area

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Taco Republic Restaurant

The Specialty Mexican Restaurant Scene has really been growing lately in the Kansas City area. The hungry staff at Travel And Photo Today, that would be me, thought it was time to check out some of the new Mexican food options in the area. With a fully ready appetite we eagerly set off to sample the offerings of TACO REPUBLIC.

The Taco Republic is a comfortable and casual taqueria offering “street-style tacos.” The Taco Republic is not your typical ‘Tex-Mex” restaurant. The food is interesting and creative

This laid-back, original style taqueria brings guests a diversity of flavors from Mexican streets and marketplaces where homemade “street-style” tacos originated. Now the opportunity to eat street tacos in a casual, independent, not-your-standard Mexican restaurant is available to all. At Taco Republic, we create creative and original street food by slow cooking, smoking and braising meats to get the simplicity of freshness and exquisite flavor. For those with a bit more time there’s a comfortable patio to sit, relax, and enjoy the ambiance while you sip your favorite beverage and even play a patio game. The street-style taco is celebrated at Taco Republic, and you will be too. Mi Taco, Su Taco!


Taco Republic has two locations in the Kansas City area – both on the Kansas side of the “State line” which separates the Kansas portion of the metropolitan area from the Missouri portion.

Two Locations In KC Metro – The Taco Republic

In addition to the two Taco Republic restaurants, they also have a Taco Republic Food Truck which makes the circuit of food truck venues in the Kansas City area.

Taco Republic Food Truck

Today we visited Taco Republic’s southern location at Corinth Square near the intersection of Mission Road and 83rd Street in the suburban city of Prairie Village, Kansas.

Happy Hour:
Monday through Friday
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

4:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Tuesday – Thursday
11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Tuesday – Thursday
11:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Tuesday – Thursday
11:00 AM – 9:00 PM



The Taco Republic is a casual and comfortable restaurant with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Inside table seating is available and there is a small bar area as well. Outside there is a large area devoted to patio seating – a delightful option on nice days.

Taco Republic Entrance / Hostess Station
Taco Republic Inside Seating
Bar Area
Patio Seating / Dining
Patio Seating


The Taco Republic is a comfortable and casual taqueria offering “street-style tacos.” Not your typical ‘Tex-Mex” restaurant, the food is delicious, interesting and adventurous. The extensive menu is packed with a variety of creative and tasty items. The menu touches all the bases with multiple interpretations of bowls and salads, fajitas and burritos, enchiladas and chalupas – all sounding delicious – as well as quesadilla and nachos.


As the name of the restaurant suggests – Tacos play a primary role on the menu at the Taco Republic. Talk about variety! Fourteen different delicious street-tacos are available which will tempt your palate while making your personal meal election a challenge.

This was my initial to visit The Taco Republic. I must admit that I was seriously tempted by many of The Republic’s menu offerings. But as a first time diner I felt almost duty bound to try the tacos. Of course, with 14 different creative taco options to choose from, just making my taco selection was challenging. After considerable internal debate I decided to go with the 3 Taco Special – any 3 tacos with a side of ranchero beans and cilantro-poblano rice. And my 3 tacos?

My Taco Sampler – Left to Right in Image Below

  • FISH – blackened fish, cabbage slaw, pickled red onions, and cilantro lime aioli
  • ORTIZ – marinated chicken, grilled corn, caramelized onions, sauteed peppers, queso fresco and salsa verde
  • FELEZ – shredded chicken, jalapeno puree, mushrooms, republic cheese, cilantro and onions
Three Taco Sampler – Fish / Ortiz / Felez

The Three Taco Special does include sides of ranchero beans and cilantro-poblano rice as mentioned above – (chips are offered with all orders). But don’t worry about the sides being too filling. They are really just little taster bowls as shown in the image below. This really works out fine however. The tacos are good sized and loaded with goodies.

Three Taco Special with two sides and chips


In my book The Taco Republic is a winner. The location is convenient with lots of off street parking. The restaurant has ample indoor seating and their outside / patio dining area is great. The place has a nice relaxed atmosphere with a positive, upbeat vibe. And the food? I have only tried three of their taco offerings thus far – but let me say that each was delicious. All were nicely finished and presented, and each was filled with a lovely blend of textures and flavors. I’ll be back to check out other items in the near future for sure.

Check Out The Taco Republic …..

….. And Enjoy The Adventure!


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