ND city view



A Cloudy Day In Paris

Travel is Amazing.  If you are a photographer I know that each time you hit the road  you are anticipating the opportunity to capture dynamic images of your destination.  And of course anyone heading out for vacation is hoping for good weather.  But what happens if the weather doesn’t cooperate?  No bright sun and deep blue skies with fluffy white clouds?  What does the photographer do then?  Well, you could read a book or go to a movie.  But I would strongly suggest that you grab your camera and get out there and take photographs.  Bad weather should not stop you.  You can make some great images in marginal weather.


4 Ways To Shoot Good Photographs On Cloudy Days.

A Cloudy Day In Paris 

Shoot to use the dark and contrasting skies to compliment your image –


Metro sign

lights perspective


Shoot To Minimize The Sky & Emphasize The Foreground – 

Museum view

ND Gargoyle

Paris street


Shoot Indoors – 

musee orsey

paris winged victory



Shoot In The Evening Or At Night – 

ND night

paris tower nite base

Paris tower



Bottom Line – Don’t let less than perfect weather stop you.  Get out there and Shoot!

Keep Shooting ………….. And Enjoy The Adventure!


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