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Meet Bruce W. Bean, Ph.D.

Travel Photographer & Travel Writer


Photographer Bruce Bean – North Rim of the Grand Canyon – Arizona


WELCOME! Welcome to the Wonderful World of Travel And Photography.  I’m Bruce Bean,  Dr. B to some, The Photo Trekker to others, and I’m the editor of this site.  Actually, I’m not just the editor.  I’m the typist, computer guy, photographer, layout staff and graphic designer as well as the janitor, cook, and receptionist.  Yep, it’s just me here at the controls.  But there are advantages.  A wise man I once knew took me for a boat ride – smiling, with the wind in his hair, he proclaimed “out here it’s my ship and I do as I damn well please.”  Well, this is my site and I guess some of that wisdom applies here as well.


ABOUT ME –My early professional training and experience has been as a Clinical Psychologist.  That’s the “Dr.B” reference that some throw at me.  I came somewhat later in life to the world of photography.  But for the last ten plus years I’ve followed my personal muse and immersed myself in this image making world. Gotta say that I’m loving it.  My early photo training gave me a solid foundation with film and darkroom work.  Today, I fully embrace the wonders of the digital age and have put all my film cameras on a nice display shelf where they enjoy a well deserved rest.    I also love to travel.   I mean….I really love to travel.  And of course, when I travel, a prime interest is photography. That explains the “Photo Trekker” moniker.   There are only two things that limit my travel – time and money.  What?  You too?  ( I have yet to abandon my home, family, and friends to live the nomadic life of the backpacker – but maybe that day will come?)  But even if I can’t travel 24/7, I’m always involved with travel issues, plans, equipment, reading, and travel stuff in general.

THIS SITE – This site,TravelAndPhotoToday.com, is devoted to all things related to Travel and Photography. (Remember those are my two favorite things – and this is,  after all,  my ship.)  So here you will find ideas, opinions, product reviews, travel options, equipment discussions, guest articles, ……….. well you get the idea. If it can be in some way connected to Travel and Photography it is fair game. I hope you find the information here interesting and helpful.  I am always looking for suggestions and input.  I’d love to hear from you.  Let me know what you think.  Feel free to share your ideas.  But most of all – enjoy the journey!

FOR MORE BACKGROUND INFO – For additional background information as well as information about our section titled PSYCHOLOGY OF TRAVEL click the Psychology of Travel tab at the top of this page or go directly to the Psychology of Travel page by CLICKING HERE.

Dr.B, The Photo Trekker

Travel Writer & Travel Photographer

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