July 18, 2024


Barcelona Pizza 2



When asked to think of Barcelona, many things may jump to mind and food may be one of them.  After all, Barcelona is noted for great Tapas and Paella.  But it’s not likely your thoughts will turn to New York Style Pizza.  That’s understandable, to be sure. Barcelona is in Spain after all.   But in case you find yourself wandering the streets of Barcelona and a craving for great pizza strikes you I want to make sure you known that Barcelona has a solution for that problem.

Tomasso Pizza, located at Carrer de Londres, 93, in Barcelona Is owned and operated by two young men from Argentina.  Together they built the business from scratch over the past several years, joking that they actually came to Barcelona to follow their favorite Argentinian footballer, Lionel Andrés “Leo” Messi, who now plays for FC Barcelona. I’m not really sure if that story is true, but they have put together a really excellent pizza restaurant in the heart of Barcelona.

Tomasso Pizza is a small place and it’s not fancy. I’d say it might seat 20 to 25 people at most and that includes some seats at a very tiny counter along the wall adjacent to the “kitchen.” But what Tomasso lacks in space it makes up for in a wonderful pizza experience.  After placing your order at the counter (you can also call ahead or order “take away”)  you can watch the magic happen through the large glass windows surrounding  the “kitchen” (which is really a counter and a large pizza oven) which takes up most of the front of the shop.


The shop offers an extensive pizza menu and, of course, you can order their recommended combinations or “build your own.”  And the pies are big!.  You can mix and match ingredients on different halves making it easy to share with a friend. Beverages and a selection of soft drinks and beer round out the menu.


Barcelona pizza menu
A small sample of pizzas available with ingredients including standards such as pepperoni and mushrooms as well as other items including grilled asparagus, arugula and garlic, lemon, green & chili peppers.

The pizza at Tomasso’s is hand made and hand tossed.  It’s almost an artistic performance to watch the process.  The pies are thin with a crispy crust.  The texture is just right so you can “fold” the slice and eat it by hand – which of course is “proper” eating form for New York Style pizza.

Barcelona Pizza Chef







Barcelona Pizza chef 2

Barcelona Pizza Chef 3











This tiny pizza shop does a lot of business.  The two owners (they have no staff) were constantly busy taking orders, making pies, and serving customers at an almost hectic pace during my visit.  Yet all was done with a smile on their faces and an obvious desire to provide  quality pizza combined with courteous service. Did your pie cool off while you are eating?  No problem – they’ll gladly reheat your pizza as you wish.


Barcelona Pizza boys
Two very satisfied customers – students from Florida doing a summer placement in Barcelona. They reported being frequent customers at Tomato’s and gave it their rave reviews.


I only discovered Tomasso’s on my last night in Spain.  But it was a great final meal in Barcelona.  If you like pizza – you really should put Tomasso’s on your Barcelona restaurant list.  In my opinion it is Great Pizza in Barcelona.


Eat A Great Pizza In Barcelona ……….. And Enjoy the Adventure!


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