February 23, 2024

La Floridita – Fun & Music In Havana

La Floridita sign Havana

La Floridita is a world famous watering hole in the center of Old Havana.  In the past it has been a favorite drinking spot for the likes of Eza Pound, expat American poet and critic, and Graham Greene, British novelist.  It is perhaps best known as one of Ernest Hemingway’s favorite Cuban hangouts.

Today La Floridita serves up it’s famous daiquiris primarily to tourists visiting the City of Havana.  It’s a multi-national point of intersection, hosting folks from all over the world. The bar provides a nice break from the heat of the Cuban sun and the bar and restaurant seem to be constantly full.

Cuba is a land full of music.  Walk the streets of cities, large and small, and you will hear salsa music and see people dancing or swaying to the rhythm.  That theme is easily discovered at La Floridita where live music provides an authentic counterpoint to the food and drink.  Click the  video link below to get a taste of La Floridita.  You can get some views of the bar and customers as well as some of the Hemingway memorabilia.  Enjoy the music and note that even the doorman can’t keep from feeling the music.  And yes, that is a “selfie” of me and mi amigo, Mr. Hemingway.

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La Floridita ext Havana

Check out La Floridita ……………… And Enjoy The Adventure!


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