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Wat Sri Suphan is often referred to as The Silver Temple.  While most wats and temples in the Chiang Mai area are ablaze with gold, Wat Sri Suphan is rather unique with it’s shining abundance of silver used throughout it’s architecture, statues, and adornments.  The emphasis on silver reflects, at least in part, it’s location just south of the wall and moat of the old city in an area of Chiang Mai known for silversmithing workshops. 

You can visit and observe the silver artisans in their small workshops around the wat.  Some are working on large pieces for use at the wat.  Others make smaller items to be sold as devotional items to leave at the wat.


Creating small devotional items


Creating large piece for Wat Sri Suphan


Wat Sri Suphan is perhaps a bit smaller than  some of the better known wats in Chiang Mai but this only adds to the pleasure of a visit. It’s tucked away on a small side alleyway off Wua Lai Road ( Which converts to the popular Saturday Night Market each week. ) and is not on the typical “Tourist Trail” of Chiang Mai.  A visit to Wat Sri Suphan is a more quiet and meditative experience – an opportunity to visit a truly beautiful wat in a more personal manner.




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The silver work and craftsmanship are beautiful.  The exterior of the main temple is done almost totally in silver as is the interior.

Entrance To Main Temple


Temple Interior

The external walls of the temple are covered with silver panels.   From a distance they add to the overall dynamic and unique silver appearance of the architecture. 

Exterior Temple Wall & Silver Panels


 But when viewed up close the panels reveal incredibly intricate and detailed scenes related to the life of Buddha.




As with many temples in Thailand, Wat Sri Suphan’s statues, figures and icons reflect a blending of Hindu influence and Buddhism.

The Hindu diety Ganesha has a prominent place in the center of the temple area.


Here too, Ganesha’s vehicle the Mouse, is present by his side.


Meanwhile, nearby are numerous figures of Buddha


Explore The Silver Temple ………. And Enjoy The Adventure!


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