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RIDE THE BBQ TRAIN – Winnsboro, South Carolina

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If you have a fondness for Railroads and happen to be visiting the Midlands of South Carolina you might want to head on over to Winnsboro – home to the South Carolina Railroad Museum. While it’s not a big place, it does have some interesting and historical railroad exhibits.  Visitors and train enthusiasts can make several stops along the route of this unique train journey through railroad history. And if you plan ahead and time your visit right – you can also ride the museum’s BBQ Train.  It’s a trip down railroad memory lane (track?) complete with the “clickity – clack” sounds of the track, the whistles and bells at crossing approaches and some pleasant views of the South Carolina countryside.  And if that’s not enough, well you also get to stop for an enjoyable meal of South Carolina BBQ.


Railroad Museum BBQ Train Route & Itinerary

1st Stop –

Step right up to the ticket window please.  Purchase or pick up your previously reserved tickets for The BBQ Train.


2nd Stop –

While waiting for your train’s departure – take a short walk and visit the interesting collection of RR Memorabilia and Rolling Stock which are part of the museum’s collection.

Dining Area in an Owner’s Private Car


Baggage Car


Mail Car


3rd Stop –

All Aboard!  Step onto the Boarding Platform please. The BBQ Train is about to depart.

Open Air Car on BBQ Train ( Enclosed passenger car seating also available)


4th Stop –

Settle in and relax as The BBQ Train makes it’s way slowly through trees and fields for a pleasant 40 minute ride. Take in the sights and sounds of railroading from yesteryear.

Tree Lined Roadway


Passing by “Ruff” – The Smallest Official Rail Stop in South Carolina


Passengers Enjoying The Open Air Ride


Share Cropper Cabin Along The Route


5th Stop –

Watch your step please as you disembark. The BBQ Train makes a stop at the end of the outward journey.  Passengers can enjoy a buffet style BBQ Dinner of Traditional South Carolina BBQ fare:  Green Beans, Cole Slaw, Mac & Cheese, and three styles of Pulled Pork BBQ – Vinegar Based, Mustard Based and Tomato Based. On this particular trip chicken was also part of the buffet.

BBQ Plate – Seconds Were Also Available







KC Q Tote  

Produced by BWB Concepts

Image available on other items as well.

www.BWB Concepts





6th Stop –

All Aboard!  After dinner it’s time to rebound The BBQ Train for a pleasant return trip to the museum Station.








The BBQ Train is located in Winnsboro, South Carolina – 31 miles North/ Northeast of Columbia.


Ride The BBQ Train in Winnsboro, South Carolina ……………

                     ……………………………………………… And Enjoy The Adventure!


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