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Chiang Mai is Temple Central. This ancient city in Northern Thailand is full of temples. Everywhere you go, everywhere you look – temples. Big temples, little temples, plain temples, colorful temples. With over 300 Buddhist temples in the city, it is easy for visitors to become overwhelmed as they visit one gorgeous temple after another. In fact there’s a name for the condition. It’s called being “Templed Out.”

Visitors to Chiang Mai quickly learn that in order to avoid becoming Templed Out it is best to be selective. Rather than simply wandering from one temple to another it is wise to plan temple visits. Some experienced travelers live by the motto – “See The Best – Then Take A Rest.”

Lovely grounds of Wat Chiang Man –

Wat Chiang Man is, without a doubt, high on the list of the Best Temples To Visit in Chiang Mai. The temple, which is sometimes spelled “Wat Chiang Mon”, is located in the northeastern quadrant of the old city. Built in the 13th century, it is considered to be the city’s first temple. Given it’s history and beauty, it is somewhat surprising that Wat Chiang Man seems a bit undiscovered, tending to have fewer visitors than many of the other temples in Chiang Mai. All of this makes it a lovely place to relax and enjoy a peaceful time exploring Wat Chiang Man – it’s beautiful grounds and buildings.

Chiang Mai Map – Location of Wat Chiang Man

The Wat Chiang Man temple complex consists of a main temple with several other smaller temples to each side. To the rear of the complex is a beautiful Buddhist Chedi or Stupa. Its base is encircled by distinctive elephant sculptures while it is topped by a lovely golden spire. The rear area of the complex is also surrounded by large trees creating a pleasant and cool shaded area – perfect for rest, relaxation and meditation.

Exploring Wat Chiang Man – Chedi & Main Temple from shaded garden area –

Wat Chiang Man – Elephant Sculptures Encirling Chedi Base with Temple in background –


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The interior of the main temple is spacious and open. Every surface, wall, pillar, ceiling and window is colorfully decorated with ornate patterns and figures. Of course when entering the temple, visitors remove their shoes.

Wat Chiang Man Interior –

Wat Chiang Man Temple Alter Area –

Wat Chiang Man Chedi – at rear of temple complex –

Wat Chiang Man Temple Figures –

Wat Chiang Man – Garden Sculpture –

Wat Chiang Man is an historical centerpiece of temples in the Chiang Mai area. The beautiful architecture and refined details are complimented by the peaceful and shaded complex grounds. Wat Chiang Man is a bit of a secret and is not overrun by tourists. It’s a lovely setting where you can relax and enjoy the quiet of the area at your leisure -definitely worth the visit.

Visit Wat Chiang Man …………………

………….. And Enjoy The Adventure!

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