February 23, 2024
The Snake Temple of Mandalay - A very different sort of Buddhist Temple.

Snake Temple of Mandalay, Myanmar – Temple Figure

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The Snake Temple of Mandalay

A Unique Buddhist Temple

Getting There –

The Snake Temple of Mandalay is a very different sort of Buddhist Temple. Of course, Myanmar is known for its vast number of striking and lovely temples. All of them are beautiful and are popular attractions for tourists wanting to experience the exotic and tranquil qualities of the country and it’s spiritual centers. Nonetheless, after visiting temple after temple, travelers frequently report developing a malady jokingly referred to as “being templed-out.” Just too many temples to see and photograph. The temples and memories begin to blur together a bit. But notably, this is not true of the Snake Temple of Mandalay. It stands out in a very unique way and is well worth the visit – even for those beginning to feel a bit “templed-out.”

The Snake Temple is located about 25 km south of the city of Mandalay. Perhaps due to its location it tends to be overlooked by most visitors who focus their time and attention in the city proper. That is unfortunate. A visit to the Snake Temple is well worth the trip. The temple is a bit off the beaten track and there are many very interesting historical temple remains and ruins in the vicinity. The easiest way to explore the area is to hire a car with a knowledgeable driver. Fortunately services are budget friendly in Myanmar and this approach will allow you to set your own itinerary and time schedule. (None of that “on the bus – off the bus” tour quality – although I must say I saw zero tour busses at the Snake Temple. There were actually very few people present and many were locals.)

Location of The Snake Temple Relative to the City of Mandalay

Snake Temple – South of Mandalay
Snake Temple location


The political situation in Myanmar has not been stable with “civil unrest”and potential for “armed conflict” and altercations in various parts of the country recently. If you are considering a trip to Myanmar you are advised to contact your home country’s advisory services such as the U.S. State Department (Clickable Link Below) to get up to date travel related information. Please travel carefully and safely.

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Background –

Snake Temple – Mandalay

The Snake Temple is indeed a very Snakey Place. Everywhere on the grounds there are figurines and statues featuring snakes. The origin of this focus on snakes is a bit murky, but in general the story goes that around 1974 a monk was cleaning up around an old abandoned temple when he came upon two python that were coiled around or near an ancient statue of the Buddha. The monk removed the snakes to the nearby jungle but by the next day the snakes had returned and were once again coiled around the Buddha. This process continued for a number of days, the monk removing the snakes and the snakes returning, until finally the Monk decided that the snakes were spiritual beings, drawn to the statue of Buddha. Since that time the temple has been restored and the python ( or their descendants ) have continued in residence, given a place of honor and being well cared for by the temple staff.

Snake Temple of Mandalay – The Movie! –

Snake Figures –

Visitors encounter snake themed figurines and statues throughout the temple grounds.

One of hundreds of Snake Figurines on temple grounds
Snake Figurines – Mandalay Myanmar

Live Resident Pythons –

Live Burmese Python reside at the Snake Temple. In the image below three python are resting next to the Buddha statue – one on either side next to the knee and the third is coiled atop the head.

Buddha Statue – Snake Temple, Mandalay
Prayer Before The Buddha Image

Daily Python Bath –

Bathing Snakes – Mandalay Snake Temple
Python Bathing
Bathing Python & Flower Petals
Python & Offering Bowl

Visit The Snake Temple of Mandalay …..

….. And Enjoy The Adventure!


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