February 23, 2024
A visit to the Jade Market in Mandalay, Myanmar is an exciting adventure. Lots of beautiful Jade as well as colorful people and activities.

Large Jade Polished
Large Polished Pieces of Jade

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The Jade Market of Mandalay, Myanmar

Mandalay Jade Market –

Mandalay, the second largest city in Myanmar (Burma), is full of interesting sites venues for visitors. I’ve written before about some of my wanderings in and around Mandalay

The Jade Market is a well known popular market in Mandalay. It is a large area devoted entirely to jade stone items with established shops as well a very large open market where day vendors display and sell their goods. It’s a great spot to visit. Merchants sell finished jade jewelry and jade products to locals and travelers. Many vendors sell larger rough and unfinished pieces of stone containing jade. Some are simply cut while others are sliced with the open side polished to show the fine jade within. There is also a section of the market where craftsmen are actively polishing small pieces of jade. The entire area is full of people and sound and activity. A morning visit is a great adventure!


The political situation in Myanmar has not been stable with “civil unrest”and potential for “armed conflict” and altercations in various parts of the country recently. If you are considering a trip to Myanmar you are advised to contact your home country’s advisory services such as the U.S. State Department (Clickable Link Below) to get up to date travel related information. Please travel carefully and safely.

U.S. State Department Myanmar Travel Status

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Jade Market Location –

The Jade Market is located near central Mandalay. It is approximately 6 km south of The Mandalay Palace Square.

Mandalay Jade Market Map 1

The Market covers a rather large area between 86th and 87th Streets near the Thinga Yazar Channel ( Thin Ga Zar Chaung) which is a waterway east of the Irrawaddy River.

Mandalay Jade Market Map 2

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Jade Market Merchants –

The area and streets around the Jade Market are busy with activity. Motor scooters, tourists, venders, monks, nuns – everyone is out and about – talking, laughing, bartering.

Jade Market Flower Girl Mandalay
Flower Vender – Jade Market – Mandalay, Myanmar
Jade Merchant Mandalay
Street-Side Jade Merchant – Mandalay, Myanmar
Jade Market Nuns Mandalay
Buddhist Nuns – Motor Scooters – Jade Market – Mandalay, Myanmar
jade shopping mandalay
Jade Shopping At Street-Side Vendor
jade sales mandalay
Examining Jade At Street-Side Vendor

The market itself is a maze of narrow aisles and walk-ways lined with jade merchants and their displays. The place is packed with visitors looking, examining, and purchasing jade.

Jade Market Mandalay Crowd
Activity In The Jade Market – Crowded With Shoppers and Merchants

Jade comes in an amazing variety of colors and variations. No two pieces are the same and the selection of pieces of jade and the size of the stones offered at The Jade Market of Mandalay is extensive.

Jade Merchant Mandalay
Smaller Polished Jade Stones
Jade Market Stones Mandalay
Larger Polished Jade Stone
Polished Jade - Mandalay , Myanmar
Very Large Polished Jade

Visiting The Jade Market – The Video

Thailand – Myanmar’s neighbor to the east – is full of excitement and adventure for travelers of all ages.

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Jade Market Craftsmen –

One large section of the Jade Market is devoted to working jade craftsmen. They are busy polishing and finishing smaller pieces of jade. It’s a very interesting process – one that is very “hands on” with limited technology involved. In fact – the polishing wheels are pedal powered. The workman’s feet pump pedals which drive the polishing wheels.

jade polishing - Mandalay
Jade Craftsman Polishing A Small Jade Piece
Mandalay Jade Polishing
Jade Polishing
jade polishing - pedal power
Pedal Power For The Jade Polishing Wheels

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The Jade Market of Mandalay

An Exciting And Interesting Exploration

Visit Mandalay, Myanmar …..

….. And Enjoy The Adventure!


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