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Planning a visit to Granada Spain? I am sure that you already know that the Alhambra is the city’s number one site to visit.  And there is no doubt that you will truly enjoy the history, beauty and ambiance of this Granada icon. But after you visit the Alhambra one question will loom – where to have dinner? Well, let me give you a great answer to that question.

Recently I had the pleasure of dining at El Quinteto in Granada, Spain.  It’s a small place, seating perhaps 45 patrons in a comfortable and casual setting.

El Quinteto 3
Dining at El Quinteto is casual with a mix of locals and travelers making up the clientele.

In fact, the atmosphere is so bright and casual that you might not expect much in the way of food quality.  Well, let me assure you,  there is no need to worry about the quality of the food offered by El Quinteto.  The owners and operators take a personal pride in offering a  high quality dining experience with a beautiful presentation.  Want examples?  Take a look.

el quinteto 1



El Quinteto 2


El Quinteto 4


My dining companion and I shared a wonderful meal at El Quinteto.  The menu is varied and extensive. Being newcomers to the restaurant we were at a loss as to what to order.

El quinteto menu 1

El Quinteto menu 2










Throwing caution to the winds ( and admittedly pleading a bit of ignorance), we relied upon the recommendations of one of the proprietors, “Johnnie” Angle, and we are so glad we did. He orchestrated a wonderful combination of select local wines and various tapas as well as desert.  Everything was delicious, and the price?  Terribly reasonable I must say.


El Quinteto 5


All together we had four glasses of wine (of two local varieties) and 5 tapas.  In addition  we enjoyed the “complimentary” tapas that Spanish restaurants offer with the first drink which was probably the best tapas I had during my entire trip through Spain!  All of this was capped off with a shared Apple Tiramisu which was wonderful.

My recommendation? The next time you are looking for a great meal in Granada, look no further than El Quinteto. Ask for “Johnnie” and follow his suggestions. You won’t be disappointed.

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Great Dining in Granada ………………. Enjoy The Adventure!



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