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One Day In Bagan Myanmar 






Bagan Myanmar One Day Itinerary

Bagan Temple 12

Welcome to Flashback Friday – Where we share previously published articles which were reader favorites. Hope you enjoy this Friday’s article initially published in 2016 about fascinating Bagan, Myanmar.   


Bagan – Temples, Temples, Temples

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Located in Southeast Asia, Bagan Myanmar is an exotic adventure.  Wonder what you might do there?  Well here is a very full day’s itinerary.   Arise before dawn to head out for a hot air balloon ride which will float you over the thousands of Buddhist Temples. Bagan Balloon inflating   Admire the Sunrise from on high. Bagan Dawn Balloon   And get a great view of the temples below. Temple by air   It’s always good to have a great pilot! Bagan Balloon pilot & me   After an invigorating flight, head back to the hotel for a power breakfast.  Yep, that is a croissant, noodles, pancakes, french fries and coffee. Got a big day ahead. Gotta load up. Bagan Breakfast   Hire a horse cart for the day.  Very reasonable and comes with a guide (the driver – in this case his son as well – driver in training) A great way to get around – hop on hop off convenience. Horsecart   Visit  a temple (don’t forget to remove your shoes and socks please.) Bagan White Temple   Visit another temple. temple visit   Meet some very friendly people. Bagan monks & Me   Grab some lunch at Weatherspoon’s – reputedly the ‘Best Burger in Bagan’ Bagan Weatherspoons   Actually it was not bad. The avocado was a nice twist.  Dagon Beer by the way – GREAT! Bagan Burger   After lunch head out to visit some more temples.  Bagan has temples – lots of temples. Bagan Temple & Horse   Then wander around a few smaller temples.  They come in all sizes. Bagan Penny Temple   Next, change it up a bit.  Visit the market, in this case the ‘wet’ market where you can spend some time watching them sell fish. Bagan Fish Market   And cutting up something else…….? Bagan wet market   Next, stop by a lacquer shop – watch the process and the precision etching. Bagan Laquerware It’s been a long tiring day .  Perhaps a nice relaxing and soothing “Myanmar Traditional Massage?” Bagan massage 1   I don’t think these ladies got the message.  The “soothing and relaxing” part apparently got lost in translation.  Another story in itself. Bagan Massage 2   The day is winding down.  The sun is getting low. In Bagan that means it’s time to head to the temples again. Most things in Bagan involve temples it seems.  Pick a temple – a nice tall one.   Bagan Sunset Temple   Climb to the top of your chosen temple (no shoes or socks remember) and settle in. Watch Bagan’s version of a light show – this one provided by nature.  Beautiful. Bagan Sunset 2   Now climb down the temple – yes, in your barefeet and be careful because it is now dark. Head over to some more temples for some great night time photography. Bagan Night Temple   And that, as they say,  is a very full day in Bagan.  You really should try it.


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