February 23, 2024

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(If you are new to our series about Kansas City BBQ you can visit the First Stop on the KC Barbecue Tour at KC BBQ 1st Stop for a bit of history and background.)

Today’s Tour Stop – Fireside BBQ

FIRESIDE BBQ has a lot of things going for it, but for me personally the location is a Big Plus! Fireside is only 2.5 miles from my home – that’s the closest BBQ restaurant to my home by a long shot. So, how is it that I have never visited this BBQ establishment? No Idea. But as they say – Better Late Than Never.

Fireside BBQ – Front Entrance

Fireside BBQ is conveniently located, not just for me but for others as well. It’s tucked away in a small strip mall at 10400 Mastin in Overland Park, Kansas. Access is easy using I-435 and I-69 highways which bring visitors within a stone’s throw of the BBQ shop.

Fireside is not a big place but the interior is comfortable and inviting. I will say however, it was a bit dark during my evening visit. Customers can select seating in the main dining area at tables of various sizes. There is also limited seating at a small but cozy bar at the rear of the shop. There is also a nice outside seating area.

While Firesides’ main claim to fame is as a BBQ restaurant, the walls are lined with large screen televisions a la a well fitted out Sports Bar. You will not miss out on any sports action while eating “Q” here.

Fireside Interior Seating
Fireside Bar Area …….



Love The “Q” – KC BBQ Sticker For Your Stuff ……


Fireside has recently added a new outside seating area. It was a cool fall evening when I visited and everyone had chosen inside seating for their meal. But the outside area is nice and should be a nice venue for evening BBQ as the area would be shaded by the building from the later afternoon sun.

Fireside Outside Seating Area …….

You can get your BBQ fix at Fireside BBQ 7 days per week. Hours on Monday – Thursday: 11:00 Am to 11:00 PM, Friday & Saturday hours: 11:00 AM to 1:00 AM, Sunday hours 10:00 AM to Midnight.Several nights Fireside also offers up various special activities several nights each week. Sunday nights they have live music from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

I visited on Thursday evening to discover that each Thursday they have a game night experience. An “MC /Game Director” challenges customers, playing as teams according to their desire, to trivia-like questions which are offered up over the restaurant’s audio system. All questions are audio – things like, “name that song,” “name that singer,” name the product being advertised,” etc. It could possibly be fun, but in all honesty I have to say the volume was loud – as in WAY TOO LOUD! Dare I say – ANNOYINGLY LOUD! The volume was verging on pain inducing. There was literally no way to have a conversation with dining companions during the activities. Unfortunately, the volume remained unchanged even after several comments to the staff who responded only with smiles and comments like – “yes, it is loud isn’t it.”

Excessive volume issues notwithstanding, Fireside BBQ does serve up some excellent food. The menu is varied within the standard confines of BBQ shops. BBQ meats included smoked turkey, smoked chicken, pulled pork, burnt ends, and ribs. These can be enjoyed in various platter combinations or on sandwiches. Burgers are also on the menu along with a variety of sides including french fries, onion rings, cole slaw and mac & cheese. They also list an interesting item – “waffle battered sweet potato waffle fries with maple syrup” which sounds a bit like breakfast to me but might be worth a taste.

Fireside Burger & Fries …….

My dining companion for the evening wasn’t in full BBQ mode – opting instead for the special of the evening – a large and nicely prepared burger accompanied by very tasty fries.

Fireside BBQ’s menu gets a thumbs up from me – offering each of my “Go To” BBQ favorites – ribs and smoked turkey. I ordered them as a “rib and 1 meat combo platter” and selecting their onion rings as the included side.

Fireside Ribs & Smoked Turkey combo …….
Fireside onion rings …….

My BBQ Ribs were truly excellent. The thee good sized ribs were nice and meaty, tender and full of great flavor. The sliced smoked turkey was nicely smoked with a good flavor. While mostly moist, there was some dryness around the edges which detracted a bit from the overall quality. I typically pair my BBQ with french fries but I spied what appeared to be some very nice onion rings on the table of another dinner. I was tempted…. I ordered …. and I’m Glad I did. Very nice onion rings – nice and tasty and tender with a flavorful batter. Yum!

FIRESIDE BBQ is a great option to consider if you are looking for great barbecue and reasonable prices in the Overland Park / Southern Kansas City area. I give it a 4 out of 5 possible “Q” Rating – “Q Q Q Q.” It might have been a 5 Q – “Q Q Q Q Q” experience but as noted above – it was way too loud to be pleasant or comfortable. (I will return – but you can bet it won’t be on Thursday game night.)

Try “The Q” At Fireside BBQ …..

……. And Enjoy The Adventure!


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