February 23, 2024


Havana, Cuba


 SJ sign


Sloppy Joe’s is a dining and drinking landmark in Havana, Cuba.  Since opening in 1930 it has served as a watering hole for American’s visiting Cuba including Ernest Hemingway.  After the Cuban “revolution” in 1959,  American’s disappeared from Cuba and Sloppy Joe’s closed it’s doors  in 1960. Renovation began in 2007 and, after some apparently rather typically slow paced renovation work was completed, Sloppy Joe’s reopened for business in 2013. For a bit more of it’s history, visit their website:  Sloppy Joe’s

Sloppy Joe’s,  along with La Floridita Bar just a few blocks away, were “must visit” bars in days gone by and they have now both returned to their celebrity status. I visited La Floridita Bar a couple of times during a recent journey ( See related articles Here and Here) and I felt it would be terribly unfair to leave Havana without spending a bit of time at Sloppy Joe’s. (All part of the work, work, work experience of the photojournalist on the road don’t ya know?)

SJ map********** 

A sign above the bar let’s visitors know they are drinking in an establishment with a bit of history.

SJ Interior sign********** 

The remodeled bar has a pleasant and cozy feel.  Even today most customers appeared to be foreign visitors.

SJ bar view


Most modern bars these days have numerous flat screen TVs showing multiple sports activities and games for the pleasure of patrons.  In keeping with this trend, Sloppy Joe’s  has several flat screen TVs scattered throughout the space.  Unlike most modern bars however, the screens on Sloppy Joe’s TVs were blank – no sports, no shows of any kind.  Not sure what that was about but I suspect to some degree it may reflect limited programming available in Cuba.

SJ Blank tv


 Sloppy Joe’s is a great spot for an escape from the Havana heat. Grab a table.  Have a cold cervaza – maybe Cuba’s own Cristal!

SJ beer


 Hungry?  How about a sandwich?  But what to have…… Well, it is Cuba.  How about a Cubana?   Of course!!! Delicious.  And as a bonus,  some of the best french fries I encountered while in Cuba.

SJ Cubana


I made a second visit to Sloppy Joe’s.  ( Well, I had been to La Floridita on two occasions – I had to be fair and balanced in my reporting didn’t I?)  This time I selected the “mini-burgers” which were really very good. I must say, however, that I did miss the french fries! 

SJ minims


Yes, that’s me at Sloppy Joe’s.    The hat?   Well, it’s all part of the Cuban Look.  SJj bwb sign


Next time you are in Havana, stop in at Sloppy Joe’s for a drink and a bite .  You’ll be glad you did.


Eat At Sloppy Joe’s ……………..Enjoy The Adventure!

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